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Sorry Tuesday, he still hasn't answered your question, which I moved to the Golden Perch Tavern under Members on the 08 July under my name as your post. I guess I should have saved my effort, but at the time it seemed the right thing to do. Sad Smilie
Tuuuuuuuesdaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!! *Applauds vigorously* Bravo! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Elf Winking Smilie
Tuesday, even your huffings and puffings are effective. Very Big Grin Smilie I haven't taken offence and try not to give any. Smile Smilie I just was a little heavy handed and forgot to leave an explanation; thus rightly earning your wrath or rightious indignation. Lighening Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Thumbs Up Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Tuesday: Keep it going. Thumbs Up Smilie
Big Smile Smilie Fantastic Tuesday! I hope there is more?
Tuesday: Someday you will find
more poets of like kind.

I'd help were I able
to add to this fable.
While my endings the same,
my metre is quite lame.

Summer is the slow time around here,
but come the fall of the year,
may you have a ball
with more members to call,
who will join in your endeavor,
bringing variety of flavor.

So please don't give up on this site
but continue to write.
Lay your lays upon us
for your rinds are a plus. In Love Smilie

Thank you, Kiss Smilie
Waa! Everyone can make up cool rhymes except me! All I know is a couple of silly poems I memorized from a book! *Realises how pathetic that is and bursts out crying!*Very Sad Smilie
I need a cuddle Very Sad Smilie
There there Halo, your not alone.
Big Smile Smilie

hallo! hallo!
come now halo_
share this poem that u hallow...
for it to you to halo...
then surely it must be good for us to know
of this poem you oh so hallow, that we may follow Wink Smilie

Wha? You acctualy wanna here the memorised poem? Fine, its weird, but don't say I never warned you.
"The moons a great big football,
The sun's a pound of butter,
The earth is going round the twist,
And I'm a little nutter."

Told you. Weird and naff, but what do you expect from a school book. Still wish I could write good stuff like you guys *turns green with envy* Smile Smilie
yeah there's more...tho i just WISH there more than just me in this guild, after all a guild is an organization of personS with related interests....if its just me, would that still qualify as a guild or should i best pack up and...
Don't pack up Tuesday. Your poetry is wonderful. I'd join in too, but I just don't have the knack for rhyme.

Hey diddle-diddle,
Val tried a riddle,
But he soon gave up,
cus he's cr*p.

Well that's my best effort. I'll leave it for those who can do it, and just be content to enjoy reading your posts instead Smile Smilie
I myself am just a small rhymer:

My time of rhyme is all but gone!
Its no crime to rhyme,
The chimes may tell of times gone by,
My time of rhyme is just begun.

I'll leave the really rhymers do the rhymes Smoke Smilie
Oh joyful joy! A place to rhyme!
Now I know where to spend my precious time! Big Smile Smilie
For poetry is best when the inspiration runs wild
And the wisest words are spoken by the child
So cherish the rhymes and well spoken words
And always be proud of the Tolkien nerds!
hi airecristiel
can i rhyme here?
i try lymricks and i like them
but some times i cause great fear
and i cant think of a ryhme cept jem.

thank you, thank you very much
Here's a little something i made up for a dear dear friend who i havent seen in 7 years!!! :

There once was a gurl called Eva,
Who needed my love to go save her,
She's pretty and sweet,
makes my heart complete.,
I'll love her forever and eva (i changed it as you wished my mellon)

Please tell me what you think!!!!!
good job mellon!
im no good but, mayb change ever to eva' or somthing, same w/ the other ryhme

where did the lymric thread go?
It didn't go anywhere, it is still HERE. Happy Elf Smilie
indeed it is o Grondmaster
i have posted a new one that i made
how i wish that i could ryhme faster
and how i wish that i will never fade