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Yellow, my fellow Planet Tolkienish folk. I thought to create this thread, since I've always been a gamer by myself. My main interests in gaming field goes to RPG/MMORPG stuff, and I also enjoy of some games that involve historical events, myths and such things.

My latest buy was The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim, and I daresay it's a very good game. And it was definitely worth all the wait. My latest purchases: Trine 2, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, are good, but I think Skyrim has something that most games don't.

Dragons. I just love dragons. Smile Smilie I think I will try out the other games of the series too, sometime, but darn it, I want more games with dragons. Lots of 'em.

If you enjoy of RPG-games, be sure to pass by and share your experience and knowledge.

So, come forth and talk, Oerath Rpgsoul is eager to throw some response! ^^

I would think the most relevant (and free) game that we could post on here is LOTRO, isn't it? (Lord of the Rings Online)

Definitely going to say Lord of the Rings: Online is the best fit for your description. And surely worth downloading, I've put plenty of time in that game and it looks really good compared to other MMORPGs out there. Plus, what's not to love about visiting your favorite places in Middle-Earth with your character?

Yeah, lotro could be something to try, but I don't know. For now, I guess I'll wait for Guild Wars 2 to be released. Smile Smilie

Thanks for reminding about the game though.

I've meant to write this post for a long time.

Dark Cloud (PS2)

One of my fav. RPG-Games. It was my first PS2 game, and the game was released over 12 years ago, if my memory isn't failing me.

Best in the whole game is it's soundtrack set. Most of those songs are quite short, typical lengths for game music, but full of good feel and beauty.

I still enjoy of playing that game, and I think that I won't ever stop playing it.

Now, I'd like to link a DC song that definitely belongs to my favs.

I suggest to play the game, if you've the chance. Pure nostalgia!


- O.W.

   The other day I just started LOTRO myself. I really like the game, I think it's better than WoW(World of Warcraft) although I'm not sure I'm really qualified to judge either game, as I've not played either very long. I'm actually not a huge MMORPG player, starting only a few weeks ago with WoW, but I do play other games such as Minecraft and most of all LoZ( Legend of Zelda). I've played most of the Zelda games, though I haven't won either of the Oracles or the original and Zelda II. If there's anyone on here who has any idea what I'm talking about. Sorry to the large amount of you probably who have absolutely no idea what I'm saying!

I would like to play LotRO but I may not play it from my parents. :-(:-(:-( I like the soundtracks of many MMORPG's such as WoW, and LotRO and als from LoL and many others. :-):-):-) Rukain do you also play Minecraft?! Nice! I also play it. Do you play singel of multiplayer??? ;-)

I play singleplayer minecraft, I've not played multiplayer before. Do you play multi or singleplayer?

Haha, welcome, gamer girls. ^^

Btw, Rukain, Zelda games are quite flawless. In my opinion, the whole franchise is great.

I've never owned any Nintendo consoles by myself, but many of my friends do, and thus, I've managed to leech and play the games with them.

But, I don't play that many games in general. Unlike a good friend of mine, I've under 15 games in total, while he has like 350-400 games on his steam account only. Smile Smilie (Crazy fella that one!)

But, I enjoy of RPG, Indie and of some Horror games. (Horror freaks me out a lot these days, but I still enjoy of it)

Mostly, I play World of Wacraft, and I've been on and off about the game for the past seven years, or maybe a little bit more. I've also played Diablo 2, which I rocked totally in the past. I tried Guild Wars once and stuff, but WoW seems to be my kind of game.

Oh, and Skyrim and Dungeon Defenders gotta be mentioned!

That's a bit about my playing. How about you two? Smile Smilie

Well, I too am actually not much of a gamer, besides Zelda. As i've said, I dabbled a bit in Wow, and thought it was pretty fun, and Lotro, which I thought was a very good game. I've heard very good things about Skyrim, but have never actually played it. Unlike you, Oerath, near all consoles I have besides the computer are Nintendo. Almost all of my gaming knowledge is limited to Nintendo. I have heard that Darksiders is good too, and Okami, though I've played neither. So, summing up my gaming life, it's pretty much Zelda, some Mario and Kirby, and other not so well known games like Professor Layton. I also play Pokemon a bit, but I haven't been able to get my hands on Black or White yet.

Oh, and Oerath, do you happen to remember the titles of the Zelda games you've half-played at a friend's house(there should be a short term for that, I do that all the time)

Rukain i play singel and multi. Im going to have my own server. If you like i can send you the IP if he goes online. ;-) Oerath:-)

The Wind Waker, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. Smile Smilie

i Love the Third Age total War Games, and most of all the mod that covers the Gondor campaigns, they are great and loads of fun. The digital landscapes look like the the details from the book instead of the movie, and that's what i like.

I just noticed that there is an entire thread about RPG games that does not even mention the one genre-defining-life-breakingly awesome game which must be compared to. This game is of course the original RPG, Dungeons and Dragons, which is the only true way to Faëry, which, honestly, is all I have ever wanted from any RPG. There is also rather fun ways to break the game even though it is supposed to be unbreakable since to break it one would have to beat the DM. Anyway, just wanted to ask if anyone has ever played or if anyone has ever not played.

I expected someone to pass by and mention Dungeons & Dragons sooner or later. Isn't it like the oldest role-playing tabletop or something. Anyway, not my kind of stuff, but I know some people that play/or used to play it.

Hah, my last post dates back to September, 2012. Well, nothing has changed. I still play WoW, journey forth in Skyrim (The game feels like eternal) and play many other rpg-games.

My latest purchases include: Playstation 3 and 3 japanese rpg-games. I absolutely love those. Smile Smilie

Tales of Symphonia 1 & 2 and Tales of Graces.

But I haven't been able to make most of my PS3, since I lack a good television at the moment. Still saving money for that, though I've been able to play my games there and there. Smile Smilie

I also have to continue my two most treasured PS2 games at some point: Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicles, though I've completed Dark Cloud's gameplay many, many times. Funny, I still never get tired of it.

Oh Skyrim... the only game I've ever seen with levitating mammoths.

Anyway, dnd wasn't just the first tabletop rpg, it was the first rpg ever and defined the genre as much as (or more than) Tolkien defines modern fantasy (including rpg's, since Gygax was influenced a lot by Tolkien).

I hope to get a gaming PC soon and will check out the games you've mentioned, and will tell you if I end up playing any of them.