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Welcome to those seeking fellowship in LOTRO! JOIN US! We welcome all levels, races, classes, and play styles, in a casual, drama-free fellowship! We especially welcome our friends from Europe and the Pacific rim! There are several things that define who we are as a group since 2008. This is a game. This is about your experience. We provide you with the means to enjoy the total game. We do everything we can to aid you in finding what you seek. Be it Role Play, Raids, Epic Books, Crafting, Music, or just playing a fun game with a group of mature and friendly folks, you can find it among the Sons of Numenor. We have built a Kinship able to cater to nearly any play style, without forcing you to compromise. How do we do that? Read on....... We have been able to found "companion" kinships. Numenorean Guard, a full-time, highly active endgame, instance, and raiding group. Pax Numenore, a group we use to house characters we take out strictly for pure Heavy RP. Some of these characters are rolled to play as "impersonators" at special events. It is a unique setup that has found a lot of use in our activities. We chat between these groups using user created chat channels, which means despite being spread across several groups, you are always in contact! We do our best to provide you with all the tools you expect from a full service Kinship. We maintain a top flight website, and not just another off-the-shelf nook on the web. Live chat, your own blog, photo gallery, forums, social media system, and a powerful Event manager for your use. In-game, we keep several user chat channels, and use them actively. We also have added a powerful Support Ticket system. So you can provide comments, feedback, issue complaints, or just express a need for a quests and such, so I can directly aid you. It has proven a really great addition, and the way to break-the-ice when your not sure about posting a forum message, or scheduling a raid. Alts are welcome in our Kinship. You join to play with people, we don't turn what you play with away. We use committees of officers to coordinate and build our Kinship, not sole individuals which can lead to burn-out or personality conflicts. We welcome members to become part of the efforts from day one! We are simply good people enjoying a great game, each others company, and helping one another have the experience they came to The Lord of the Rings Online for. We sponsor a full Teamspeak3 server for members to use. It is NOT required, nor are we really a voice chat kind of group. However, we do use it to add to our community. A "Tolkien Audio Channel" is often running, playing the audio books of Tolkien. We occasionally have in-game chats about those as they play. We do have a SWTOR division, and use Teamspeak to help communicate between games. It is there to add to your experience, not as a requirement. Become a Son of Numenor and explore Middle-earth with us! Likewise, if you are one seeking to also play Star Wars: The Old Republic, then be at ease, for we have a division that is as large and active as our LOTRO group. We play both in Republic and Imperial guilds on Lord Adraas server. Being a member of our LOTRO Kinship grants you automatic privileges with our SWTOR guilds. Many LOTRO Kinships have founded their counterpart guilds there, and we are part of a large assembly of RP focused groups that have concentrated on the server. Visit our website, sign-in, and submit a new member survey! We support our troops! Sons of Numenor is proud of its strong history of current and former members serving in the U.S., Canadian, and British armed forces! We support them and their playing family members, as they are away, and welcome them back when they return!