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I can draw animals that are recognisable to my children, and I do a mean phone doodle, but other than that, I cant draw, paint, or sculpt to save myself.

I would still be interested in seeing some of the work of others...can I be in the Guild or mailing list please? I will try not to say anything dumb Dunce Smilie

I think that this Guild will need a moderator (who knows about art)...maybe they could be given restricted power like I used to have in The Writer's Guild?
Hello "Stranger"
Not a thread~slayer though, really.
I just couldn't respond as things get a bit crazy before Exhibitions. Too much work. Alas...
nice drawing.
I just cannot figure out how to post an image, c'est la vie.
Anyone else interested? Big Smile Smilie
Welcome to our forum Mirdain. Smile Smilie

Oops, sorry, Very Sad Smilie I remember reading this thread, but then forgot to bring it up to the council. If you want an Artist Guild, Taz can probably set you up with one. Until then, you can email your Art submissions to Taz and if he deems them acceptable he will add them to the Fan Art section under the Art Gallery the links to which is there in the menu on the left. Cool Smilie

One problem with Art is that the bandwidth required for storage, costs quite a lot in this post-dotcom era. We were forced to change servers about four times in the last year in order to have room for our Art Gallery. Hopefully this has been resolved; however, donations are still needed to keep our heads above water.
Hello Grondmaster,
Thanks for your reply. I would like to find out about what is already set up as an Artist Guild, and become a member if possible.
I do not know how to email with a photo or two as the contact form does not seem to allow it Wink Smilie I'll try again.
I understand a bit of the expenses involved in showing so much work with the website being quite large. I started my own site a while ago.
Thanks again!
Smoke Smilie seeing as i do not hav the means 2 donate, i best refrain then. Big Laugh Smilie
I must apologise as well as Grondy, as I also saw this thread, meant to bring it to the attention of the others, and find out if we had the bandwidth to do it. In theory I think it is a fantastic idea. As to sending pictures, if the contact form does not allow it, then send it via normal e-mail to me and I will put it to the others for now. I may have a solution to your problems, if I can find a bit of free server space somewhere, I'll set up a seperate guild page or two for you where you can post your art. Of course, that's only if our bandwidth has gone nuts again here.
Apologies Mirdain. Missed this thread entirely...where was my brain? Dunce Smilie

Anyways, I would love to see an artist guild get going, especially if you do some Tolkien stuff. Hmmmmm....maybe you guys can come up with the "Ultimate Elrond"? Or maybe you could do some illustrations for the Fan Writings. If, of course, you have time after doing your own thing... Wink Smilie .

The problem is, as Grondy said above, some strange cyber-thing called bandwidth. I have no idea how these things work, but I know that Taz has a general no-no on pictures in the forum. If there is a way around this, Taz will know, so we will have to await his opinion.

Maybe we could do it by a mailing list? Send each other drawings, sketches, pictures of sculptures...whatever and discuss them. When the artist is happy with their work, he/she could then post the image to Taz to put up in the gallery.

I cant wait to see some of the members! does PT rock or what??
I apologise too, Mirdain and Tuesday (threadslayer indeed?)

I was rather busy when I first spotted this thread, but as I had absolutely no idea how to post a picture I went away to concentrate the little time I had on something I could do. I had a vague idea we had a problem with the bandwidth but didn't want to post a negative response until I had checked it out.
Sorry if you both felt we were ignoring you. That was not the case. All our members are valuable to us. As a council, however, we are still finding our feet and occasionally struggling to find the time to keep on top of our tasks here.

I would like to find out about what is already set up as an Artist Guild, and become a member if possible.
As far as I know, and please correct me anyone if I am wrong, but at present I don't think we actually have an Artist's Guild here. In fact, I'm not even sure how the guild system works here. I know Allyssa is head of the Writer's Guild, so she is probably the best person to ask about such things. I think the guilds are generally areas where like-minded people with similar interests can gather to discuss their hobbies etc. Once associated with each other, they can then share their views, art, stories etc via e-mail, mailing lists etc. If there is no guild currently running, I suggest someone starts one and advertises therein for members etc.

Can you add anything to this Allyssa, Grondy?
Hello Allyssa and Valedhelgwath, Plasticsquirrell.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. But not to worry. I was not feeling ignored. Everyone is busy with their lives. Right now I am getting ready for an Exbition or two, so not much time to write lately.
I have sent a few photos, and I really like the idea of discussing work, especially related to JRRT and Middle Earth. I am not the best illustrator, I focus more on flora and fauna, so my work focus is on that topic, and its relation to Narrative and Mythologies.
I haven't had a chance to look through other threads that much. After this weekend ...
Names for the Guild? Arda Craftsmen (or persons) Craft of Feanor,...???
Things to ponder on.
Thanks again everyone!
I think it best to settle on a cool name first and then start the Guild Thread using it, rather than just saying "Artists' Guild". But that's just a suggestion. You peoples should choose it and the council should only have veto power if it is too outlandish, too far beyond Bree.

I can (or used to be able to) draw a straight line, circle, and ellipse freehand, but never had any luck when it came to composition, color, and coordination. Me Mum was an artist, as was her aunt. I'm limited to transcribing classical music from score to my glorified musicbox which can only have six instruments playing at any one time, still I had some more published as part of a disk magazine this month. Another fifteen seconds of fame. Big Smile Smilie
Okay people, my current plan is to set up a seperate community site type thing, with an exciting name like the PTarty Guild or suchlike. I've not set anything up just yet, but a link from here would obviously happen, and I was thinking that the Guild could be moderated by it's own members, who would all have access to the doodads.
But then again, I might be getting ahead of myself, all those who think I've had a stroke of genius say AYE! and all those who think I've probably just had a stroke say "What the hell are you blathering about now?"
AYE! ...What the hell are you blathering about now? Big Laugh Smilie

AYE! can it also be like a tutorial guild wer members can ask stuff about all the drawing programs available like corel flash etc.?
set it up wen ur thru watching the star wars flick at the lazybones guild pls. i DONT want to intrude! Angel Smilie
Oooh! Good idea Tuesday. All is in hand, I hear a rumour to the effect that Taz reckons we might be able to fit it onsite, thus making it a whole lot easier. We shall see what happens...
Hello Everyone,
I've been utterly swamped with work this past weekend and am just recovering from an Art Exhibit in the Great Outdoors.
Fabulous. If the Artist guild could be on site, that's wonderful. Haven't had time to think about names yet.... Smile Smilie
I still don't really understand all the bandwith and other computer linguistics. But I hope it works out.
Thinking about it...hopefully something of use will be written from my hand when I recouperate...
Hey Mirdain, I would love to buy one of your "One Ring in the River" tiles, I don't know if you sell just one tile Tongue Smilie Also I can only pay in sterling so please let me know if anything is possible, thanks Smile Smilie
Hi-i've seen this topic was a bit not-accessed lately so...I'm not an artist yet-still doing arts highschool-but my finalyearwork is based on LOTR and so are most of my works0if I'm not too late-is the thing going?k.Here is a sample of my works-I don't know the policy of your site about other sites-links blah blah but-here's a link to a site where my pics are hosted:
they're at the bottom of the page-the last three-so,if you think I'm worthy... Juggling Smilie
Hey, I'm an artist too. My main forte is animal art but I like painting Tolkien interpretations too.

Here are my websites. This is my new Tolkien art website. This shows my animal art.

Hope you enjoy.

Mirdain! I couldn't get onto your site. The "Gateway Timeout" postBody came up.
Both of you are very talented. I loved them all. Luthien, your picture of Huan with Luthien particularly interested me. He's more wolf-like than the wolfhound I was expecting, but he's beautifully painted. Funny enough, I've always imagined him to be large, but only a large dog sort of size. Seeing him the size you have made him makes so much more sense really.
I didn't imagine Huan to look like a domestic dog. He was a hound who was used for hunting wolves and a hound of the Gods at that. Not an Irish wolf hound. I imagined him to be wolf-like but still a dog. I know it look weird him being so big but people forget that Luthien rode upon his back. He had to be large enough for that. Lots of times, he was refered to as just a hound. That name can be given to any dog used for tracking and hunting down other animals. In "The book of lost tales II", he was refered to as "Huan of the dogs" a lot of the time too. He was used to hunt Morgoths wolves so he was called a wolfhound. I doubt Tolkien would have imagined him to look like an Irish wolfhound. I also couldn't imagine a dog like that, with it's more lithe structure, being able to over power a much stockier wolf of the same size. In reality, several wolfhounds would be needed to even subdue one wolf.

Sorry for going on. Just wanted to explain my reason for painting Huan the way I did.
Raptor: I really like your picture "Dol Guldur". And the colors in "Army Under the Eye" are very striking. Way to go. Smile Smilie
Thanks,Grondmaster!Luthien,i really like your image of Gandalf,Aragorn,Legolas and Pippin riding!Beautiful!So,what do we do with the artists guild's than?
I've missed the threads! I was not able to see either of your sites Luthien and Raptor, and I will try again! Looking forward to seeing your images. Huan is my favourite character as well from the Silmarillion. I have a few hounds myself.
My site is if you were having trouble.
Thanks,Grondmaster!Luthien,i really like your image of Gandalf,Aragorn,Legolas and Pippin riding!Beautiful!So,what do we do with the artists guild's than?

I AM SOOOO STUPID!!!!!!I ment Gimli.Geez,what's the matter with me these days.... Good Morning Smilie
I was thinking about mentioning that but then I thought I'd better not. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Thanks! Big Smile Smilie That I would have been really ashamed(more than I am now,anyway).
Geez, nobody has posted in here for months. Anyway, I thought I'd do so in hope that I'll lure some other posters in here after me.

I have a brand new painting up in my website. You can see it here.
Well, you did lure someone into posting.
I wish I could paint like that; I'm too hasty.
Love your Shadowfax painting. And the Ride to Edoras.
Hey, as a Fine Arts student who adores JRR Tolkien's work, I'd love to see an artists guild and I'd definately join Smile Smilie
If you making an art guild, I'm in!
My works you can see here :
I'd also definately be interested in joining an artists' guild... not that I get much time for that kinda stuff anymore *sigh*.

Luthien, I absolutely love your work; and the progression of your shadowfax painting is very informative and interesting. I've never really worked with watercolours (not since primary school Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie ) so I don't know much about the techniques.

I think an artists' guild would be great for sharing tips and ideas, etc.
A guild is only as good as the number of active members: you will have to recruit more members to make it work.

So Good Luck with it, have a ball, and don't forget to keep your pencils sharp and your brushes clean. Happy Elf Smilie
Ok, well let me pose a simple question and see if I get any responses...

Does anyone else have the same problem as me, that is, once you've started a drawing/painting, after you look at it you decide that you don't like it any more and give up on it?

After this, maybe someone would like to ask your say something art-related, something more intelligent or profound.

I am an artist of sorts, I love paintings, however I cannot paint well at all. I pencil sketch. I used to do animals only, then I got into doing people, now I can do neither animals or human bodies well....the only thing I do now is human faces. But I love drawing them!

I would like to make a request to have a place to put artwork on PT. Would that be possible?