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Taz, the new one is absolutely amazing! I really like it. Also, 'The Distorted View' is very cool Big Smile Smilie
Super Wow Smilie Those are really really cool Taz! Can I download some for my desktop?
Thanks all and yes you can! Just go here:

- View the images and then right click whilst choosing "Set as Background Image" or something like that..
Nice ones Taz. Happy Elf Smilie

I have decided to use your J L Seagull design for a tad bit; my old canned clouds on a blue sky were rather Boring Smilie.
Cool! Thanks Taz! I went for "a distorted view". Looks awesome on full screen! Cool Smilie
Well we even have our own official PT wallpaper now!

Check it out here:
Very beautiful pictures Taz. My favourite is headache (very simple but effective).