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Thread: Trivia Quiz Session - 10 December 2003

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When you say 21 30GMT what do you mran. because in portugal we count time in a diferent way so I don't really know what it means.
Filipa, 2130 UCT/GMT is 9:30 PM WET for you in Portugal, 5:30 PM AST for Rednell in eastern Canada, and 1:30 PM PST for me in western USA. It is also 8:30 AM EDT the following day for Allyssa in eastern Australia where it is almost summer.

This should give you an idea why we have had a hard time settling on a day and time to hold our world-wide class. Rednell has to hurry home from work to in time to teach our classes by 5:30 PM, while you would have to stay up late in order to participate, while I have just finished my lunch, and Allyssa, if she participated would have just finished her breakfast. On other days some can make it, while others can't, so we chose Saturdays as being the best for the mostest. Deal Smilie