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I was thinking of Creating a Weekly Quenya Course using the Courses made by Helge K’re Fauskanger go to for details on the Courses themselve but i was thinking about posting a lesson twice a week once on tuesday once on thursday and a discusion could happen. let me know what you think!
Arf’a F’ar
Hi there , I have been looking on the sites ,its looks great !!! I am looking forward to be a part of it Happy Elf Smilie
Is there only one person who wants to sign up?
I would like to join's just, I'm in Canada and the time difference is hard to get used to, but I would like to join as well.
i would be intrested. i know very little Aaye=hail Amin delotha lle=i hate you
i would like to learn.
Ok, I know what you mean Lemaly orangeflower i live in Oregon USA and ever time i'm on every one else is off. but i'll post the introduction tomorrow so you can read it.
Sounds good....i had already downloaded the lessons from Ardalambion before I saw this post, but it will be easier for me to go through this with other people! Smile Smilie
Actually I think that will be the easiest way is for every one to download the lessons for themselves and read them then we will discuss them here in this thread. so by tomorrow please read the introduction and we will discuss it if you have any questions then feel free to e-mail me at
Will do! Smile Smilie
Arf’a, I finished reading the Introduction on Thursday. I found most of it quite interesting. There was a lot about the language that I didn't know. Especially about the number of changes and all the different languages Tolkien used to create Quenya. I was quite surprised. Well...I just thought I'd let you know, and look forward to discussing it more! Smile Smilie
So what was there any points in it that confused you? mostlikely not just being the introduction but if there was let me know and i will see if i can explain it to you. So what do you want to discuss on the intro? Is there something you thought was really important? There are many very nice things in this introduction and all of them important to understanding how Tolkien created his language. and in the discussion section I want to hear you imput and thoughts.
Umm... Tuesday e-mail me you answers for the questions at the end of chapter 1 and i will correct them.
Umm... Tuesday e-mail me you answers for the questions at the end of chapter 1 and i will correct them.

Or simply go here where you downloaded the the course and click "Download Keys to the Exercises".

That way you can correct your own mistakes and see for yourself what you did wrong. And when (note the use of 'when' and not 'if') something becomes unclear, people can discuss it in here. In my opinion, you learn a lot more that way.

Also, having the discussion in here rather than hidden in private e-mails, may make others feel like joining and learning and maybe helping.
Smile Smilie
Well, it took me a while, but I finally finished lesson 1. I had a few troubles understanding the thing about the hy, hl, etc. And I also got quite confused when he would mention other languages pronunciation of certain letters in certain words, since I have never really heard the words or letters spoken by a native of those countries. However, I had no real troubles during question one, but I did have quite a few problems on question two. I was getting quite aggravated at having to read the lists of letter groups over and over again, and I think that distracted me from finishing this with complete understanding. But, I will probably understand more about this as we go on, and I will start with lesson 2 as soon as i hear back from everyone else doing this course, and maybe get a little feedback on their understanding of things.
I'm enjoying it so far though, and I like to make some of my friends jealous by telling them I'm learning Quenya. We might have a few more people joining the site from this side of the world the more I talk about it Smile Smilie well...see ya!
Just discovered this thread. Looking at the dates it's about 6 months old? But I was quite fascinated by the website's information (But the choice of background colors and text colours is sometimes quite hard to read). I'm not sure I'd do too well studying Quenya itself but even the bit about Tolkien writing his stories in order to have a place and people-groups (elf-groups?) for his languages instead of inventing languages that go with the story is revealing. Reminds me of Lewis saying that his stories came after the images he saw in his head; both of them seem to state that PLOT springs from something else, not something else from plot. I'd like to think of myself as having a passion for linguistic study but this isn't exactly accurate; it's more like I'm fascinated with communication and the linguistic discipline just happens to be related to that.
Lia sina qualin n’.


Nanye sii sinome. Aa cuiva!
Let's make it work. All willing to study and/or teach quenya - List your will here. In two short weeks we start!