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Look for the reading assignment under the current week's topic. Please read it ahead of time so you can follow the discussion.

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This sounds like fun. I will be there.
me too!
And I can't! Very Sad Smilie But I'll be reading this here. Big Smile Smilie
Thank you for so many wonderful classes Rednell! You do a wonderful job. I am sorry you can't come Tommy, I would love to hear your input, but I hope you're having fun reading the transcriptions!

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What happens if you haven`t read LOTR collection or you don`t have it?
You can sit in on the lesson and perhaps learn something, but you'd probably find you would not be able to contribute very much yourself.
I just bought LOTR book collection yesterday! Smile Smilie I can`t wait to read it, Big Smile Smilie but I`ve got to finish TH first, or I`ll get all mixed up. Very Sad Smilie
I hope you enjoy it Sheryl. I'm sure you'll find many facinating bits that were not covered by the films. If you have any queries, I'm sure you'll know where to come.
I am sorry, but when will the next lesson be and what time and can I join? By the way, so far I only read the nature of hobbits and I really liked it.
I believe the next lesson will be at 2100 (9pm) GMT in Bilbo's Study. You need just turn up to join.

Oops: You won't find anyone there except on a Sunday though, for the class is held only on Sundays.

( I could have just added "Sunday" to Val's post, but he is so knowledgeable that it is fun to find that he is really human after all.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

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I am rereading FotR for probably the 7th or 8th time. (I've read the rest of LotR same amount;
about half that;
The Hobbit
probably 5-6 times;
The Tolkien Reader
once long ago; I'm into
The Letters of JRR Tolkien
; 3/4 of
; am dabbling in several others because my latent fanatic tendencies have been brought to full flower with the finding forums like this one. I needed to find tribal members after watching the movies!

I notice that it says "Topped Off" on the board index. Does this mean that membership is closed for the FotR study group? I'm up to the last third of it, and would very much like to deepen my scholarship and discover new depths which is only possible through working with other people.

While not new to the Internet and chat rooms, I am still learning the mysteries and intricacies of postBody boards (don't know where people get those pictures under their names and lots of other things). I am a bit thick about certain aspects of LotR/Silmarillion that seem apparent to everyone else, but that may be because I have been responding to the spiritual (not religious) aspects more than the sort of "historical" analysis which I enjoy very much and am seeking to improve. To me, Tolkien gave us a "map" for living. I would like to have some regular travelling companions!

If this group is closed, is there another one open?

Thank you for your kind consideration! Sorry this turned out to be so long!

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Hi dininziliel
Welcome to PT and a special welcome to our LOTR discussion group. You can join in at any time. We meet in Bilbos-Study, our "classroom" chatroom on Sundays at 9pm GMT which is 4pm ET.
As you can see, we started by studying the key players in the trilogy and have now moved on to a chapter by chapter study. I suspect you will have no problem keeping up with the conversation given the number of times you have read the books and your insight would be welcomed.

Topped just means that this particular topic will always remain at the top of the discussion threads in this section. Normally the latest posts move to the top. To find out more about the website and how to get the most out of your visits here, click on My Account then Website Help. Everything you need or wish to know is found there. Of course if you do want to know anything else, just ask.

Just a note about signatures: They cannot be over 3 lines including spaces because they tend to use up extra bandwidth. I suggest, perhaps, that you put a / between each line of the poem, although this selection may still be too long.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting you in "class" on Sunday.
Life is beginning to come back to normal so we will start up with LOTR discussion classes in bilbos-study next Sunday, October 5 at 4pm ET, 9PM UK (when your clock in UK says 9pm, as this GMT thing confuses me).

If this time doesn't work for you, please post in here what time would be best and perhaps we can find one that will work well for the maximum number of people.

This week we will finish of the very end of The White Rider and The King of the Golden Hall from Two Towers.

See you in class.
Teacher Smilie
I just found this thread and I'm immensely interested in taking a weekly online course to learn Quenya, but it seems as though there hasn't been any lately. Are there still Online Courses available here, and if so, where and when and how and all of the necessary info.? Anyone? Am I just completely ignorant, and the answers to these questions are right in front of my nose?
There are a few threads about the subject under J.R.R. Tolkien 'General Discussion' and 'the author'. The place to learn quenya is here at the Ardalambion site, it has a great Quenya course you can download. Smile Smilie
Thank you, Amarie. Those Ardalambion lessons are very thorough and legitamate! And they seem to take a decent pace, not leaving anyone behind. See all of the useful info. us members can supply to one another? What a wonderful family! **starts sobbing again**
Thank You Amarie!!! I cant wait to "read"it , it is goona take some time but I just downloaded it Smile Smilie