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As this sort of thing seems to have been before my beinnings on this dear site, perhaps some who were involved can explain them to me. Who was in charge and what did that entail. And what of all these 'assignments' what were they, did someone take the time to write out actual assignements for the participants. The whole thing seems so very exhausting and deep and a mystery to me. I would much appreciate learning about the discussion groups. What happened to them, do some of you still apply yourselves to them or what?

Ahh... This was Back In The Days (which we oldies remember fondly) when this Planet had more active members and the CMs had more time to spare. The discussion group took mainly place in a chatroom we called bilbos-study, a sister room to our regular chatroom an only used for "serious" things. As you may see from the threads, we would be told what chapters to read, the one responsible for that weeks subject prepared questions and such and a week or so later we would meet and discuss. 

I think I only took part in one or two, a bit late in evening for me. 

Thank you for that little peak. I cannot imagine having that sort of time either, my day starts around four or four thirty each morning and ends around ten or eleven. And still I do not get all done that I really need to. How precious that time must have been.