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This week we have chosen a post by Ashley276 posted onThursday 3rd June.

I have just finished the LOTR (and am in the processs of re-reading them) and I like Sam.
I think that he possess some wonderful qualities that I think are lacking in too many people these days.
He was the one that in the end got Frodo all the way to Mt. Doom and he kept him alive on the trip there all the while through Mordor, I think that had it not been for Sam I often wonder if Frodo would have made it all the way to complete his journey?
I would love to have a friend that is that loyal to me. I think that the relationship with Sam and Frodo is more than employer/employee I think that Sam genuinely loves and respects Frodo and I think that Frodo feels the same way about Sam. In a series of books that are full of heroes I think that of all the heroes for many reasons Sam is the biggest hero becuase he makes the sacrifice to leave the only home that he knows to go out to places that he has never been. I mean yeah Gandalf caught him "dropping eves" but I think that Gandalf being wise chose Sam the same reasons that I like Sam he is loyal, he loves Frodo and Gandalf knows that no matter what Sam will never leave Frodo or "lose him". I also think that it is Sam that keeps Frodo going there are many times that save for Sam, Frodo would have given up the journey becuase I think that towards the end Frodo was starting to succumb to the Ring and it was Sam that kept him going with the knowledge that they were doing something for the greater good, and they had to keep going no matter what the cost.
I think that Sam was a wonderfully written character and his love and loyalty for Frodo were the most beautifully written things that I have ever read. I think that Sam's love for Frodo was one of the reasons that I instantly loved this series of stories.

Sorry to Ramble

Yes, Ashely, Sam is a wonderfully written characher.
You will receive your 100 mithril prize at some point in the near future.
Hi Ashley276! Great to have you here with us, and congrats on your post being selected for PotW!
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Yep - congratulations!

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Way to go Ashley. Happy Elf Smilie

I Yep, Sam's a keeper, Thumbs Up Smilie 'cause weuns likes our Sammy.
Good to see as usual you're keeping up the week part of the post of the week.
Good to see as usual you're keeping up the week part of the post of the week.

Maybe you'd be happier if we just called it the Post of the Whenever, then Ross.

Great post Ashley. Nice to see something positive.
Three cheers for Ahsley !!! Pary Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Pary Smilie

Very well said, Ashley. Sam is definately a 'character' in many different ways. I couldn't have put it better myself.

Huge Well Done on your win!

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Wow thanks guys, I thought that post was a bit of a ramble but I guess that someone liked, it. I really am glad that I found this forum all the posts here are so well written. And everyone here seems very nice. Thanks again.

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Thirteen days later now't. You just can't buy comitment like that Tongue Smilie
Not so strange at all, imo. When no one posts something decent for weeks, the Council just has to wait... and wait... and wait for something remotely close to post-of-the-week coming up.