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Finally folks, we have chosen a post worthy of noting.
Posted Friday 19th November 2004 (09:18am) by Elanorraine
in Places Tolkien's Favorite Place

Hello everyone. Well I normally just look around, instead of post things, but I'm going to put my oar in for a moment. If you're talking geographic places -- Shire, hands down. Although one does note that the Shire doesn't appear in all his pre -hobbit stuff -- which makes a lot of writing that he poured out of his heart and mind that's basically Shire-less. I think, second place would be Rivendell, no? Tolkien, like Bilbo, had a love of lore and storytelling, and where better to get that than among the elves of Rivendell, and even from Elrond Half-Elven himself? (I rather get the impression that Lorien, though full of elves, is much less friendly to the poor hobbit seeking tales....)

But I'm going to turn away from geographic places for a moment, and say (is this too sappy?) -- I think that Tolkien's favorite place is hidden in the heart and spirit of Gandalf. Wise, loving, kind, cranky, humble, courageous, pyromaniac, apparently immortal, and, (at least in middle earth,) homeless -- friend of hobbits, elves, ents, dwarves and even men, (if they will have him as their friend) -- cryptic, fallible, powerful but not *all* powerful -- if ever there was one who set to the task given him, and inspired others to do the same, regardless of the difficulty, Gandalf was it.

We really liked the reference to Gandalf. Keep posting, Elanorraine, and congratuations.
Congratulations Elanorraine! Nice post, keep them coming! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Well done Elanorraine. Happy Elf Smilie See what happens when you write from the heart peoples, rather than from off the wall, the top of your head, or (as I often do) from your funnybone. The council still appreciates the well written pity post. Thanks Elanorraine, your award was well deserved.

Elannoriane, that was a wonderful post! I've never thought about a persons spirit being a place before, but now that you bring it up, I think you've really tapped into one of the things that makes Tolkien's characters so alive and his writing so special. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Elannoraine, thank you for the new and insightful perspective. Congratulations on the POTW winnings!

Don't spend all that mithril in one place...

I must apologize for my belatedness, but I've just discovered I've been awarded something more than several months past!

In (one of) the languages of my mother, "Muito Obrigada" -- which in the vernacular is "thank you very much" but literally translated is "I have much obligation {to you}". I will continue to post 'from the heart' whenever my heart brings up what is beautiful or worth seeing (this is, of course, NOT all the time!)

abra’os pra todos (hugs or embraces for all),