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Oloriniwasinmyyouth posted Saturday 15th January 2005 (07:18pm) in Eru's thoughts (Ainur)
Melkor existed because without him, nothing would be appreciated. If then was only perfection, what would anyone strive for? If there were no such thing as temptation, where could we improve ourselves? Remember Eru's examples to Ulmo - without Melkor's bitter cold and unbearable heat, water would be water. No ice, no frost, no steam, no vapor nor clouds. In his attempts to ruin things, Melkor succeeded only in changing them to things just as beautiful, yet unconsidered by the other Aunir. Melkor was there to illustrate to the Ainur that they did not see, know, nor comprehend everything. Nor did Melkor comprehend that his efforts would only play back into the hands of Eru. Yes, he forged tragedies as well as new concepts, but learning has its costs, as Eru knows well.

As far as elves and men are concerned, their situation is very comparable to our in regular earth. We have trials daily, always based on some weakness borne by either ourselves or those around us, usually both. In Middle-Earth, the basis for the weaknesses of elves and men were things like temptation, sloth, greed, lust for power, etc., all things that can be traced back to the evil embodied in Melkor and Sauron. The elves became a better, if sadder, race because of Melkor and Sauron. Their lore became richer, their wills became stronger, their creations more enduring. Men, or some of them at least, learned and forgot, re-learned and forgot again... such is the weakness of the aftercomers, but also a symptom of their shorter life span.
The comparrison to things on our regular earth is quite good. Well done Olorin. Happy Elf Smilie
Congrats Olorin, great post! In fact, you’ve submitted quite a few excellent posts in the short time you’ve been here so far, I look forward to reading many more!
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Thank you gentlemen...I'm hono(u)red to be noticed by learned people such as yourselves. Please pardon my tendency toward wordiness, however. I'm a bit entish, perhaps... takes a long time to say what I want to.

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Well, maybe you are, Olorin...but what you've said has been worth saying! Congratulations. Smile Smilie
Thank you, milady.

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you won POT! congrats buddy
Congratulations! I've enjoyed reading your posts and hope to read many more, entish or not.
Oh there are more great posts of Olorin in that thread. Good and thought provoking. Congrats Olorin!!
Congratulations Oloriniwasinmyyouth.
I have been enjoying your insight into Tolkien's Middle-earth. I am particularly fond of posts in which the poster can draw from the professor's world and apply it to their own.
Keep sharing!
Again, thank you all. I'm starting to get a bit embarassed... lol
I wonder if winning "POT" of the week is good for one's health... certainly not legal everywhere!

Anyone good job Olorin. Pile up the mithril bars!
I am trying to think of another word for congratulations, but i can't think of one right now. So congratulations, its was very nicley written. ~Irima-Arwen
Thank you Irima-Arwen and Virumor. I have to give you a portion of the credit, Vir - you're the one that got me started on that thread in the first place. It really is a good thread, top to bottom.

"I couldn't have done it without my teammates!"

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