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MIRUVOR posted Friday 4th November 2005 (01:18am) in Fingolfin and Feanor under The Silmarillion

The council thought his post knowledgeable and quite well expressed. We felt Miruvor's post deserved the award of Post of the Week.

Feel free to offer him your kudos below. If you wish to join in this excellent discussion started by Cloveress, click on the above link.
Sometimes it seems he loves him and respects him as his brother, but at other times Fingolfin is rather cold.

After Fingolfin released F’anor in the Ring of Doom after the latter had threatened to kill him ('See, half-brother!' he said. 'This is sharper than thy tongue. Try but once more to usurp my place and the love of my father, and maybe it will rid the Noldor of one who seeks to be the master of thralls.'), and after Fingolfin voluntarily submitted to F’anor, in order to keep the peace (Then Fлanor took his hand in silence; but Fingolfin said: 'Half-brother in blood, full brother in heart will I be. Thou shalt lead and I will follow. May no new grief divide us.'), F’anor thanked Fingolfin by burning the swanships at Losgar and hence condemning Fingolfin and his followers to a hellish ordeal along the Helcarax’.

Thus, Fingolfin had all the rights to be a bit cold towards F’anor. Nonetheless, Fingolfin still honoured the House of F’anor in Beleriand after F’anor's death, as he knew the Noldor had to be united in order to defeat Morgoth (even though the sons of F’anor were a bunch of raving nutters, safe Maedhros and Maglor).

I'm pretty sure that Fingolfin would again forgive F’anor - Fingolfin is noble and wise, not brooding and cunning like F’anor.

This last question might earn a few scowls from all you Tolkien purists out there, but really, Feanor has to have his chance at repenting and going out for a new life of joy too. And I've always felt rather sorry for him. He's so consumed by his own fire that he can never taste real joy.

I doubt F’anor ever experienced any joy in his life. He was the greatest mind, the greatest craftsman of all time, but for all his talent he didn't recieve any wisdom. F’anor was a genius, but also an idiot savant. His whole life in Valinor was a restless struggle to pour all his talent, his spirit into great works - which culminated in the Silmarils. All his works were made because he believed it was the only thing that could possibly make him happy, give his life some meaning. Once he had made his 'masterpiece', his 'preciousssss', he considered his life to be complete and clinged to his precious jewelry like a shark to the leg of a hapless swimmer : his Simarils became his epitome of happiness.

That's why he went completely out of his mind, completely berserk after Melkor stole them, and burnt all bridges in order to get them back (*)- he never even thought about the consequences of his actions when he made his Oath and took the Doom of Mandos on the Noldor's shoulders; the only thing that gave his life meaning - the Sils - were gone, hence he decided to either retrieve them, or die in the process, not even taking in regard how many ppl would follow him -- his life was meaningless without his jewels.

That is the reason why F’anor will never ever leave the Halls of Mandos before the Final Battle, the Apocalypse, Ragnarok, Dagor Dagorath, in which he will declare what material the Sils are made of.

(*) Some people believe that F’anor went poco loco because of his father's brutal death, but i only consider this to be a contributing factor. With or without his father's death, F’anor would've gone for Morgoth's jugular - if Finw’ were still alive, he would've joined his beloved firstborn to Beleriand. Finw’'s murder only worsened F’anor's wrath and mental decay - it was oil on the fire within him, and this fire ignited the majority of the House of Noldor so they would join him. Soon though, this enthusiasm was quenched by the ruthless events initiated by F’anor in Alqualond’ and Losgar.

He should have been more use than just providing us with his offsprings.

Being the wisest of Finw’'s sons, Finarfin did the greatest deed in the War of the Jewels : he refused to join the Exile, only to gloriously appear in Beleriand 600 years later in the War of Wrath.

Fingolfin was more noble than wise. That's why he joined the Exiles - he gave F’anor his word and duly followed it. Fingolfin trying to reconcile with F’anor is probably due to Finarfin, but Fingolfin submitting to F’anor is not. Fingolfin made a mistake thinking F’anor was honourable. Somebody who is willing to sacrifice almost an entire House in order to get three chunks of glass (or whatever they are made of) back, isn't though.
Wow, impressive post, Miruvor !

you really are the bomb.... i haven't read anything better. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Yeah that post lead to me having a lot of fun with Miruvor! Deserves it I say!
Miruvor has also recieved 200 pieces of Mithril for winning POW! Don't spend it all in one place! Wink Smilie
Congrats, Mir otherwise known as Virumor.
Thanks floyd for adding the chat discussion that you and Vir had on the topic.
It is a much better means of debating and gives us some more to think about.
Congrats to Mir!!! I had a very enjoyable chat with you in that thread too. Read Smilie
I still say the lad's got far too much time on his hands... Thanks for sharing it with us though, Mir.
Very very well done, impressive.
I learned a great deal Smile Smilie