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Leelee has been made some good posts since she has joined and has sparked new discussion among our membership.

The council has chosen the following two posts that she made in Of Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin for recognition.

Well done Leelee

Leelee posted and edited Sunday 12th November 2006 (10:39pm)
I was going thru one of the most devestating times of my life when I read the Lord of the Rings. Right after that I read Unfinished Tales and then Silmarillion and by the time I received for Christmas JRR's letters to his publishers, family and friends, I found that my life had completely changed and my struggles in a certain area were over.That is how profound this author's words were upon my mind and heart.
Of all the works though it was Unfinished tales that really answered the cry of my heart and gave me courage to go on and fight and win inch by inch.

Leelee posted Monday 11th December 2006 (10:24pm)
I tend to think like BlackSword about the role of the gods, they don't interest me much as I being mortal cannot relate to them that much. Interesting absolutely but not to me essential to....anything.
I read Unfinished Tales before Sil and it completely changed my life. That is the absolute truth. I was struggling with some very very serious things and choices, choices that meant no turning back and having to take that journey not knowing if I would make it.
After reading the story of Tuor I was so impressed and moved that I made the hardest choice of my life and it was the right one.
The imagery, the beauty and the majestic lonliness yet preoccupation with the quest just overwhelmed me with emotion.
That moment when he is in the hall and sees the armour, that feeling I got, unbelievable.
It is one story I wish was completed and a movie made out of it by the finest and most gifted people in the world.
The council has chosen the following two posts that she made in Of Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin for recognition

Congratulate LeeleeSmile Smilie You are indeed a good writer and I hope 'll soon will get an award by Clover as wellSmile Smilie Big hugs from me Smile Smilie
Congratulations Leelee!

Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Congratulations, Leelee!

Your enthusiasm for Tolkien is well-recognized and rewarded. And I'm sure there are more surprises to come in January!

Congratulations, Leelee and many happy returns for all the good work you've already shared with us since your arrival here.
Congratulations, Leelee... Nice posts.
Congratulations Leely!Since you joined our familly you have posted great posts written wisely and by someone who is aware of Tolkien's work.I wish you the best,and a happy new year full of happiness and creativity Christmas Smilie Dunce Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie yours in felloship Ninerl
Well done Leelee, you have proved yourself a true Tolkien fan by your writings.........
I only just noticed this.
I am not worthy of any note, but how very kind of you just the same.
I am not worthy of any note

Sure you are LeeleeSmile Smilie You write so beautiful stories in the journals and threadsSmile Smilie
In just the short time that I have been here, I have enjoyed and benefitted from your posts.
Leelee, I've only been a member of the forum a very short time but I always read your posts with great interest. I can tell that you write directly from the heart which is refreshing and very inspiring. Thank you for being so open >hugg<
Wow someone else who hugs. Hug.
Your words are most kind, but in my own opinion after having spent quantities of time the other day reading other's posts and going back on the threads I must say that I find my posts to be a yawn, rather boring, certainly uninformed and predictable. I am going to get down to business and start posting better. ........hopefully. Sad Smilie