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Dear faithful members, lurkers and random visitors. It is time to bring back a lovely PT tradition: Post Of the Week! Or... post of whenever. (Feel free to make suggestions to what the W should stand for. Wink Smilie )

The PT Council's first POW goes to a beautiful post which really hit home with me. It was written by a lovely lady who gives a lot of herself. She is genuinely interested in other people, and her gentle heart shines through in all her posts. But she is also a fighter and she has worked very hard to keep things going here after we lost our beloved Grondmaster.

If you have been on this site for longer than 10 minutes you know who I am talking about and you know this short post of mine doesn't do her justice.

I hereby shine the spotlight on PT's own Sam: Leelee and her post from Friday 3rd December 2010 in Where has it gone...

Planet-tolkien will always be as good and cool and welcoming as each one of us makes it. Life does go on and people come and go or are taken from us. What we need to do then is make sure we are here as much as possible, contribute , not just on the games, but from the heart with some well thought out words on a favorite thread; and little by little we can shake things up and make this dear sweet wonderful place stay as magnificent as ever it was.

Remember that Bilbo showed us that it is like a great drama and each one of us has a place and then we leave the stage and someone else comes forth to bring a new beauty and depth to Middle-Earth.

So come on and make this stellar place a light for every seeker to be drawn to and let us have a wonderful time.

Congratulations, Leelee!!

Your post brought tears to my eyes. There are so many times that I find it hard to find the heart to post since Grondy's passing, especially in threads where he had contributed most. But your words have inspired me to pluck up the courage to get past that. I can relate to Frodo and Sam. You, dear friend, make a wonderful Sam!



Hope they convey how I feel.

Leelee please don't blush,you had it coming for a long timeindecision

*hugs* for such a beautiful heart and mind.I'm glad I know you(here atleast)Smile Smilie

I still remember when I first started that post, and was surprised to see it pop back up again. I read her post, and could feel what she really felt, and congratulate her in this POW. blush

What on earth?

Thankyou for your great words of kindness, I can scarce take them in. I feel the very same way about all of you, I often think about what you may be going through and it makes me weep.

That is why this home, for it is as much a home as any place can be, is so wonderful to come to. Whether we are feeling on top of the world, or bleeding in silence and feel we cannot go on, to come here brings healing . It is the ethelas of my life. I can honestly breathe the fragrant air of Lothlorien, or the wild winds Edoras. And there are times, while I am reading a particularly inspiring post, that I see clearly Boromir's dear face as he asks Aragorn if he has ever heard the clear ringing of the horns and seen the flag proudly waving and was shaken by the beauty of the white city, I always cry at that scene. And whenever I want to give up I remember Grondy, I know in my heart it was that way with him. Uncomplaining, gazing at the white city as it were and taking courage.

And so I bless each one of you, from the Council members to the newest little one to enter MIddle-Earth. I bless you to know you are valued here, you are welcomed and treasured. Because that is the kind of place Planet-Tolkien is.