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We have not posted anything for a while and I would like to do so now. After reading many brilliant and awesome posts, I would like the post of the week, well more than a week ago to go to Arwen undomiel. Being of a very young age I was totally amazed at the depth of her thoughts concerning the thread Which Element Are You. All except Arwen initially chose one element, later some went to include another. But Arwen after thinking things out picked none. She said: "I can't chose between them. The one cannot exist without the other. If there was no air, there was no nature, and where there was no nature there were no animals,and we and the animals need water and air to live. So I don't choose one." Congratulations on such a thought provoking post Arwen.

Yes agreed Lee Lee. Congrats young lady Arwen.

Splutter......Wow......This is......Unbelievable.

This is a very big compliment. Thank you dear, dear Rachel. (L)

Well, yeah, it's a good thought, but wasn't the original idea to just choose an element that describes you the most, or the one that is your favorite?

But I guess that for such an young age, it's good to have thoughts like that. It definitely shows that you hold wisdom in your words.

But don't let it go into your head.

Just joking. Smile Smilie

I could agree, by the way, has this site had a 'post of the week' system in the past?

Great to see Post of the Week back!! And congrats Arwen, a fitting winner Big Smile Smilie

There was always a post of the week, at least since I came here, but I don't remember it actually being a weekly post! And i am not skilled like those before me, i simply want such a thing to be again and did not feel to dig up the old thread because so many of the prinicpals are gone and it felt too melancholy. We have a fabulous mixed old and new family here and now and so here and now it shall be.

O'erath dear, the award does not go to the person who conformed to the thread, but rather to he or she who caused me to think hard in a way I would not have any time soon had not the words penned by the person caused me to stop and think and travel down a different road for a bit . Little Arwen's answer deeply impacted me. It was not easy to pick just one person because all the answers were so deep and profound that I nearly gave it up. But Arwen mentioned a point none of us had and that is why I chose her.

So write from your precious hearts and it will be a thrill picking the next person whose comment makes me stand up and shout' yes , brilliant.' That does not mean it has to be scholarly, it just has to be really meaningful to the success of the thread. Again well done little Miss.

Oh dear Arwen, congratulations!!!! I have seen that thing of the post of the week and didn't know really what it was about but after reading the explanation of Leelee. I totally agree, Arwen you are a pure heart that with innocence and simple words says more than some adults. You have a tender spirit and are a lovely girl.

It's a pity that we cannot send you a real award home for you to put it on the shelf... but anyway, we know you will keep this honour in your mind and enjoy it.

My award for you is my best smile and a great hug!

Thank you for the kind comments.

@Elbereth, I don't want a real award for at home, to put it on a shelf. Planet-tolkien is my home.
A hug back, dear.

Oh dear Arwen, for these kind of posts is why you won the post of the week. Humble and lovely!

Oh, it's a nice thing to post on a forum - I mean the appreciation for someone's post. Arwen, it's really nice to have you here Smile Smilie

Thanks for the nice comments.

First I was not sure about my post. I don't post much, because I often am not sure about how to say things. Also because it's in a different language. (I'm Dutch) I'm going to post more.
I'm grateful that I've join Pt. It's such a lovely place to talk about Tolkien and his work. I don't know anyone of my age who also loves Tolkien as much as I do. At pt I also don't know people of my age.(I think I'm the youngest active member) But here age doesn't matter. Everybody is so kind to me. Even if they are much older.

Planet-tolkien is a home and a heaven for me. I love you all.

I'm going to profit this time in order to ask you one thing, because even if you are the youngest we all can learn from each other and you can teach us something. How do you say: thank you in Dutch? and Hello? Please to meet you?

Sorry for the very late reply. But here it is:

Hello in Dutch is Hallo.
Welcome in Dutch is Welkom.
Thank you in Dutch is Dank u wel.
Pleased to meet you in Dutch is Aangenaam kennis te maken or Leuk u te ontmoeten.
If you have any questions, ask me. And I will answer so quickly as possible.

Btw. I'm not the youngest member anymore. Welcome to Archet. He's 12 and he lived in The Netherlands. So I'm not the only Dutch member.