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Thread: Week ending May 20 2012

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I chose this particular post for the reason that many come to Planet Tolkien eager to learn valid and valuable information about the characters, places, history , maps etc and perhaps do not have the time to search for the answers themselves. So, when someone takes the time to research and post the results for us it enhances this site, makes it a place one can come to and read and learn. The post of Saturday May 19th by Galin concerning the lives of dwarves, the family dynamics, babie being born with beards, information on mothers and marriage, this was all fascinating and informative and helped me understand a subject upon which I was in total ignorance. Galin, thank you for all the data you have posted over time, I appreciate this more than you can know. I thought your post timely, informative and well thought out.

An after thought for all you incredibly talented posters. It is good to post anywhere you like and I am grateful for it. I might suggest that when you get the chance that you might look at old threads that are thought provoking, especially any with Val our returning mariner, and especially those which dear Grondmaster participated in, he really knew his stuff. And never ever forget our Vir, boy back in the day when he seemed to have more time, he gave EVERY one a run for his or her money. Some hit the 'books' as it were to just try and prove him wrong. !

Congratulations Galin,
You deserve this POTW. Your posts are always so informative and interesting.
You know so much about Tolkien. You really are a fitting winner.

And I know how it is to win the POTW

Well thank you! I didn't even know we had posts of the week until recently.


Or if I did I forgot blush and thanks for the PM too (which is how I knew about this thread)

Nice that you know it now. blush You really deserve this.
I knew about the POTW when I saw that I had won it. Some weeks ago. I real surprise for me. You must be proud that you have won.

Congrats, Galin! Your posts are a pleasure for the eyes indeed (and those parts of the brain which are responsible for reading! haha!).

That is so very true Indis (and thankyou dearest dearest Arwen) Galin is to me the epitome of a scholar, in that he looks at something from 360 degrees and then goes inward covering all the bases as it were. Being once an editor of a city newspaper, then a law researcher I find his way of approaching a subject comforting in that I know i shall get the best information possible on any given subject being discussed. Again congratulations dear Galin.

Congratulations Galin! I think that there are many people here who knows millions of things about Tolkien books but probably you are the best informed person in PT. When someone studies or cares for something like you do, it's because they love what they are doing. So you love Tolkien work and bring details that are not easy to find. Thank you!

Thanks Elbereth and all! And yes I love Tolkien's world greatly... 

... starting in the deep past of the misty 'Dark Years' too (the 1900s)