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Thread: P.O.T.W. ending June 3rd

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Brego's words in the thread would you have followed Feanor swept me away, and showed great thought and insight. They read as follows: I expect that for those Elves who had never seen Middle Earth, the lies of Melkor would have clouded their minds with the fantasies of great and easy lives in wide lands not that different from Tuna. What a shock it must have been for these Elves. Lands stained by death and decay. Only dim twilight. Unknown fell creatures everywhere. No Valar to watch over and protect them. This journey would make a great book in itself. This is beautifully crafted Brego, and if I must say, when you pen your thoughts often, very often, I can actually smell the presence of lilacs and roses. That is the truth. And a very slight exotic breeze. Congratulations on being selected for Post of The Week.

Congratulations, Brego! I always read your posts thoroughly, especially since you're the first member here I remembered - you and your posts were the first to make me feel at home here! Smile Smilie

I did not know that Indis but I can well believe it. blush

Wow what a wonderful and unexpected surprise. Thank you dearest Lee Lee, and let me say, right back at you. Your posts always inspire patience, loving and understanding and I always feel a warmth and a motherly aura and love when I read your writings. Indis, thank you for all of your posts as well, you, as with Lee Lee are an ancient soul, full of humanity and wisdom. Hantalye, Brego.

If only you had the time to post a thread and tend it like a sheep, perhaps exclusively on one bit of the Sil, it would be a tremendous gift to Planet-Tolkien. You have done the studying, have carefully observed things many do not even think of, and it would be pure mithril if you could teach and instruct us in some things. Many, me included have to sadly let go of several things we long to read and study in favor of those more pressing at the moment, so think about it dearest Brego. Again congratulations, you absolutely deserved it and i encourage all readers to give it a chance, posting i mean, from your heart. We would just love to hear your personal thoughts on many of these topics.

Congratulations, Brego. Your posts are always very good. And I agree with leelee about:

I can actually smell the presence of lilacs and roses. That is the truth. And a very slight exotic breeze.

That's so true. Brego your posts are full of wisdom.

Congrats Brego! Well deserved award frown

Congratulations Brego!!! All the beautiful words you write describe your character. A man of peace and kind heart. You have the elvish soul living in a human body; however your mind is still ruled by the elvish nature-lover spirit. Lovely guy!

Thanks again beautiful friends.