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I simply have not had much strength to attend to this in a bit, but I wanted to add a category of thought to the post of the week and that is poems. To me, a poem embodies the deepest feelings of the author and it often takes great courage to write those words down, especially if you know that perhaps thousands will be reading those thoughts. I was deeply touched by the haunting, lovely and dreadfully sad words in the poem by LadyAlys on june 9. She had just found out her friend's mummy was ill and her daughter had been sent away from her because of all the terrible things taking place there. I felt that the poem aptly described a person's feelings torn from a beloved . So the post of the week goes to this fine poet Lady Alys. congratulations
Well deserved Lady Alys. Congrats on your post of the week!

LadyAlyss: Congratulations. Well deserved.
Truly it are haunting, lovely and dreadfully sad words. Dearest Lady it's very brave of you to post this. To let us know what you thought. And what happens to them. My thoughts are with them.

Thank you all especially you Leelee, when I found out I did not know what to think of it but I am truly flattered thank you to you all again!

Lady, you are greatly admired and cherished on this site, please dont ever forget that. And the rest of you just reading your words to her brought tears to my eyes. How grateful I am to know such wonderful, such tender hearted and intelligent people. In this world......................

Congratulation, Lady Alyss. I really enjoy your compay here!

LeeLee, I was thinking about it the other day - too bad you're the one who chooses POTW, since you won't be able to choose yourself. It's a shame, because probably everyone on this site enjoys your posts greatly! Smile Smilie

How funny. I personally never like my posts much and it is such an honor to listen to the literary heart beat as it were of others and to make a hard hard choice for that week. I could wall paper my whole home with the gorgeous and wondrous posts all of you give to us. But thank you. Smile Smilie