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I have so much reading to do I have decided not to name a post of the week on that very week each time, because so often I chance to be reading something from a couple of months before simply from lack of time to have read it before, and I feel sad. So, no more of that. Whatever I read in the course of seven days will be elegible, whatever true time frame it comes from. I absolutely have to give post of the week to Otto for his excellent, thrilling Acadian piece on the Short Story section. The first paragraph gripped me from the start and the mental imagery was gorgeous. He truly has become to me The Prince of Poems. As I mentioned before I don't care about form or 'correctness'. I care only about unlocking the human heart and taking out precious things and sharing them with others. How one does it to me is as numberless and those participating. So, congratulations dear Oerath Windsoul. Well done sir.

Dear Leelee,

Do not get stressed! There are so many threads, posts, stories, etc. here that is almost impossible to go on all of them. Our daily life don't let us so much time to enjoy all that is said in PT. Anyway, we see that you care for us like a mother would do.

I become very happy when I read that you have chosen Oerath. He's a lovely guy, so full of dark emotions -with dark I mean deep- maybe sometimes it's difficult to find the right words to express a feeling but he gets it! and furthermore he always works in what he feels is his field: poetry and music.

Congratulations Otto! Don't let the ice freeze your burning spirit. You are the light of many hearts, writing about worlds we all have ever dreamt of.

Oh, you two. Thank you, I didn't expect that. Not really.

I guess I should value POTW more than I actually have, since I never thought that with my activity or number of posts, I would get one by myself.

But, dear Rachel, aren't you giving me a little bit too much praise? Smile Smilie

Anyway, I'll give you lots of hugs, and Elbereth, thank you too. You're a very nice person. I respect and value your words, just like I value this site and this one great family. I love to be a member of a site like this one. Actually, only forums I've ever used. Period.

By the way, Rachel, I hope you're doing fine, I will send you some message tomorrow. I'd like to hear how you're doing these days. Smile Smilie

- O.W.

Congratulations, my friend. I love the Arcadian stories. Good work.

And Leelee, I was thinking about the POTW. And I thought that Otto would deserve the POTW. And now he has the POTW. Wink Smilie And When Galin and Brego had the POTW, I also thought that they would deserve it. And than some days later they has won it. Isn't that weird?

Ah my little princess, please accept a hug from me that will last, let me think, oh about two years, And one from Hasia as well, she misses you so. It is her birthday in two days, she is excited.

I love your kind comments to Mythical Man. He has become a treasured friend who deserves praise. And the rest of you, there is not one of you who is not a genius in his or her own right. That is the truth. period.

Of course I accept. And please accept a huge hug to you and my little sister. Had you received my last message for Hasia for her birthday?


Oerath, your work is always so great. Keep it up. I love it! Smile Smilie

'Mythical Man' Smile Smilie - That made me laugh a bit, in a good way. You're such a lovely person, Rachel. Truly you are, and oh, greetings Lady Arwen, and thank you very much.

As a little reply to your first post in this thread: That sounds a bit strange, indeed.

- O.W.

But Oerath, you know me. Wink Smilie I'm strange Wink Smilie

Young, perhaps, but strange? Nay, not you, Lady Arwen. Smile Smilie

For an instance, let me say a couple of words that would describe you better: young, intelligent and understanding. How about that, or do you wish to remain as a strange person? ^^

And if someone here is the strange one, then that would be me. I'm the one, who 'talks' with the trees, after all!

- O.W.

i will check dear girl, I don't remember anything but just now Hasia read your post with me so she knows. We miss you so much, but our time will come. Hugs for mummy daddy grandmother and grandmother.And Otto if you knew how pretty Arwen is you would think she is the perfect subject for one of your epic stories. nd Mythical Man and Prince of Poems suit you. I think i will have time next week to listen to you on the Tube. Cannot wait.

Oerath, yes I was joking. I'm not strange. But intelligent and understanding? Maybe! Very kind of you to say that. You strange? Strange or not, you are a very good writer. Your stories and poems are always very good.

And Leelee. I miss you and I miss Hasia, Please tell her that I miss her. Did you saw the 3 drawings I had send in my last message?

You two, Oerath and Rachel, are so very kind.