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Sometimes a single sentence can express what many tried to say but were not able to . I had no idea our Clover did not know about the passing of Grondy. I remember those two batting witty words back and forth like a choice tennis match and to be in the presence of them was to be filled up with smiles and laughter. When I read these words I felt that they made a banner of just why some of us stayed on after and contiinue to contribute to this beloved site. So the post of the week goes to our beautiful and beloved Cloveress, little faerie girl with a heart of gold. "I am still mourning for Grondy. What a sad thing to come back to... But I suppose he would be comforted to see that his old friends have not abandoned the site he so loved, even to his last days. This thread is one of partings and reunions, I feel. " Congratulations and I for one will treasure your words in the days, months and years to come.
Dear Cloveress, your words are so true and lovely and beautiful and also sad. I love the way you put the thought of many here on paper. Dearest, you really have a heart of gold. And Leelee as always you are so true. You always give the PotW to the right person. Except when you gave it to me, I don't think I really deserved it but.... Dear Cloveress and Leelee I will always treasure your words forever on this earth. Really. Even if I don't really know you, cloveress. I really think of you as a dear friend. May the blessing of Eru shine upon your way.

If you could have been priveleged to be here when Clover was at her height. Witty, hilarious, firm in her convictions. And she gave awards to many that were so much fun no one wanted to miss a day here.

it was with a heavy heart we let go of her so she could move on as life must move on. But her words still resonate through the halls of Middle-Earth, some so profound they take your breath away. Other words that make you smile the way Pippin and Merry made you smile. I love her.

Oh my, what an honor! Thank you, thank you, Leelee! I have never won the POTW before (though I remember when it was started). I am glad to be so appreciated; PT has always been a rock! 

Now, indeed, I post much less frequently, and in much shorter segments. Gone are the lengthy discourses on some fine point penned by the great Professor himself, at least, gone for now. I do wish for more leisure time in my life, so that I could walk Middle Earth again, retrace all the battles and journeys on maps and stare into space, seeing the bright colors of Hobbiton or hearing the waters of Rivendell rush in their fury. But I am young, being only 21 this year, and I am grateful that I have discovered Middle Earth in all its fantastic glory before I must get muddled into the real world. I think that discovering Tolkien as a second-grader reading the Hobbit was the best way to enter his world; I was still dreamy, my mind was still open, and I half-believed that if I traveled enough, I would eventually come to a land of Hobbits. How magical it was! And for me, that magic will never dim, as I lock it in my heart during the long periods I must devote to work and study. 

I love this world, and I love this community that I share it with. May the stars shine upon your paths forever!

Yeah, congratulations for that potw, Cloveress. Smile Smilie

Cloveress you're so sweet. You really deserve the PotW. Lovely post! And oerath btw that name "little elf" really sounds good. I like that. :-)


Aaah.what lovely and warm words from our dearest Clover .I'm so happy you are still around .I do remember those conversations with Grondy  and I still keep lookin' for him when I am here .I miss him dearly