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Welcome, welcome all new members!
Post a post here to let us know you have arrived and let us welcome you!
Happy Elf Smilie
Hello to everyone!

My name is Rayne and I live in Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia. I'm a true Pisces and a lover of science fiction/fantasy. I'm 42 and the mother of three daughters and a granddaughter. Two of my daughters received my love for reading but not sci-fi/fantasy (rats! can't have everything I guess.) I did, however, force my youngest to watch all three "Lord of the Rings" movies with me.

I joined this awesome website at the end of October . I was in need of help for a paper I was doing on the Ents and their role in the battle for Middle Earth. I had been searching the internet for sites when I stumbled onto this one. I was under the impression (a very wrong one, I might add) that I knew enough about my topic to produce a great paper. (ugh! how arrogant is that!)

Thankfully, I was lead to this site and all of you were amazing. The help you gave me was so needed by me, the one who thought she knew soooo much, and I thank you all. It is you incredible people, with your knowledge and insight, that has kept me returning here on almost a daily basis.

I am looking forward to beginning some real work into the extraordinary works of Tolkien and I'm sure I'll be visiting this site for a very long time.
It's great to see how much you love PT! Hope your stay here is a good one!
Hiya Rayne and welcome! Hope to see you in some Tolkien discussions. Enjoy the site.
Welcome to P-T Rayne; glad we could help you with your paper. Happy Elf Smilie Feel free to ask questions. Share and enjoy.
Welcome to PT!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome Rayne! Great to have you here!
Ian posted this in his journal "My first entry"
Author - Ian
Written on - Thursday 16th December 2004 (10:02pm)


I'm new here and this is my first entry, so I'll guess I'll tell a little of myself.
I am a 17 year old boy, who lives in Trondheim, Norway. I am about
1,85 meters tall, have dark hair and dark eyes. I play Football and Ishockey
on my speartime. I also Enjoy skateboarding and snowboarding.

I first read the Lord of the Rings after the first movie and have been in love
with Tolkien's world eversince.

And I just had to copy and paste it here so we all could say hi. Though mostly it was becuase he was a fellow Norwegian. Welcome Ian! Smile Smilie
Oh No! Another Viking!!!!!!!!

Well, Ian, if you are as nice as Amarie then welcome welcome welcome!
Hi Rayne, glad to give you an official welcome to PT (I’m a Pisces too btw)! Happy Elf Smilie

Also hello to Ian, and welcome to the party!
Orc Smiling Smilie
A warm welcome to Rayne and Ian! I hope you enjoy yourselves and I'll see ya around!! Big Smile Smilie
Well, what do we have here?
Fresh blood, eh?

Very Evil Smilie

Welcome Rayne! I am so glad you found PT and that you are enjoying it. Look forward to seeing you around!

Welcome, Ian, you are a welcome addition to our big, happy, global family! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Oh No! Another Viking!!!!!!!!

Well, Ian, if you are as nice as Amarie then welcome welcome welcome!

And even if you are not as nice as Amarie, you are still welcome. I offer you my allegiance and our sole aim is to trouble Vee! Very Evil Smilie

And you are welcome too Rayne!
Well met Rayne and Ian, enjoy your stay here!

I offer you my allegiance and our sole aim is to trouble Vee!

Oooooooooh stabbed through the heart and in the back.... (pout)
Welcome Rayne and Ian. I hope you will enjoy your stay here at PT. Its an awesome sight, with lots of friendly people from all over the globe. By the way Rayne, we're sort of kindred spirits as I too live in the States (Iowa), am 42 and have three children (boys in my case.) And I too love sci fi/fantasy, which I'm trying to pass on to my children also. And Ian...the culture of Rohan in the movies reminded me alot of what I've always guessed the Viking culture to be like. Ah well, welcome to all!
Jumping Flame Smilie
Ahhhh! Velcome to Planet Tolkien Rayne and Ian! So nice to be meeting you!

Enjoy your stay!

Hi! Ian, welcome to P-T. I'm glad to have you aboard. Happy Elf Smilie
Hey im chewbaca this seems kewl i think i will have fun!
Hey why did you leave that last thread? We would have liked to have you along with us.
Hi and welcome Mqksoccer or chewbacca. Enjoy Planet-Tolkien.
Chewy aye? Get on board the ship PT ye landlubber and we'll show ye how to have fun! Stick it up ye!
have you been watching pirate films by any chance?
Welcome Rayne and Ian! I hope you enjoy your time here.
Waving Santa Smilie Hi Mqksoccer aka chewbacca! Have a great time here! Christmas Smilie
hey.....not quite sure wot to do
im 15, young or old dependin on how u look at it. Live in a backwater town called Melton in England
dark hair,dark eyes
loved Tolkien since i read Lord of the Rings when i was 11, read everyting i could of his since then
Mostly love the First Age since i am a self professes Elf and the just seem alot harder in the first age, i also like the whole sorrow, doomed to failure thing
look at me rambling on.....just wanna say hi to all of you people out there

Welcome to PT Mqksoccer...chewbacca, which ever you prefer. :P Enjoy yourself and I'll see ya round.
Having you been watching pirate films by any chance?

Yes, what have you been watching? Wink Smilie
Welcome to our happy family Fingolfin and Mqksoccer (aka chewbacca). Share and enjoy!

Welcome Fingolfin! A fellow UKer! Not Melton Mowbry by any chance?

Enjoy Planet Tolkien - if you get lost just shout.

Cue Vee Joke - do you have a brother- Gongolfin? Ha!

Arwen posted
Yes, what have you been watching?

Mostly watching you buying more shoes. How many pairs do you need?????
Fingolfin..... mmmmmmmm

Sorry, he is one of my favorite Noldor lords.

Well met Fingolfin and have a great time here! Waving Santa Smilie
Hi, and a warm welcome to PT Fingolfin and Mqksoccer! Happy Elf Smilie
cheers lads/ladies for the welcome
yes Melton Mowbray indeed......famous for......pork ashamed
yeh my estraged brother Gongolfin.....mother doesnt like to talk about him, just upped and left one night....his only companion a 7 iron
u dont like Fingolfin!! challenged Morgoth Bauglir to singel combat!!, well fair enough i suppose
Welcome, Fingolfin, to the PT family!

Here is a warm cup of cyber-hot chocolate, pull yourself up a seat and stick around! Looking forward to "seeing" you around! Happy Elf Smilie

howdy fingolfin and Mqksoccer! here are a few words i made, just for you 2 to read, enjoy! Smile Smilie
I've deleted this post, Onions, as you've also posted it in a new thread - Tolkiens 'hidden'influences and it is more suited there.

Vee - Council Member
Welcome Onions, Fingolfin and Mqksoccer and anyone else I have missed. Smile Smilie
Suilad! My name is Raensul! I'm from Ukraine. I adore all Tolkiens works , and i'm very happy to found this site!!!!!! Thank you that you are!!!!! Namarie!!!

A most warm welcome to Onions and Raensul! With such fantastic names, I am sure you will prove to be great new additions to PT! Enjoy yourself, watch out for trolls and Newbie-cannibals Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie and I hope to see you around!
heya ol folks, i am bak Big Smile Smilie great to c the likes o Grondy, Val, Ama an Vee again. an not to forget Lordaragorn. PT has become huge, really huge. i have kinda lost track o the situation here, but still it feels like comin bak home. wud say hi to my fellow RPGers - Calenia, Icey, Ethy, Strat, Adweena an the lot at treasures. an btw its nice to have new folks comin in, i welcome u all with a very indain namaste Smile Smilie tell u wat guys , u will have more fun than u can stomach on this site, so stick around on this 'ship', as my gud friend calls it. chal c ya around guys
Welcome Onions, Raensul and welcome back Ayan!
welcome (back) Onions, Raensul and Ayan! *passes around the eggnog* Christmas Tree Smilie Standing Up Santa Smilie Smiling Santa Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Snowman Smilie
Welcome, welcome Onions, and Raensul! Hope you enjoy it here! Happy Elf Smilie

Also, a warm welcome back to Ayan! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
A warm welcome to Onions and Raensu; and a welcome back to Ayan. Standing Up Santa Smilie
Having you been watching pirate films by any chance?

Yes, what have you been watching?

Lets see, I watched The Last Samurai and LOTR, Matrix and Terminator trilogies! And as fas as I know, none of these are pirate movies!

And welcome Onions and tomatoes and whichsoever vegetables you are and you are welcome too Fingolfin!

great to c the likes o Grondy, Val, Ama an Vee again

And what are you trying to do with that? Appease the council Gods and Goddesses? Buttering em up to be more precise? Well, it ain't gonna work bud!
A warm welcome to both Onions and Raensul! Enjoy yourself. And welcome back to Mormegil...we've missed you in Treasures. Hope I catcha b4 you leave again. Smile Smilie Merry xmas and everything else to everyone. Big Smile Smilie
MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! THE DWARF RETURNS TO WELCOME THE NEWCOMERS!!!!!! *switches to her fairy-namby-pamby-pansy-pom mode* So luvvies, how are you? I do hope our humble abode suits your liking..... oh, there's a stain on the drapes!!! WHAT A TRAGEDY!!! Oh dear. I raised my voice. I think I shall be distracted. (Dunno what that means, but I read it in PRide and Prejudice)

In other words...

WELCOME TO PT!!!! Birthday Smile Smilie Pary Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie (I like that smiley)
Hello all,

I'm Dutch, live in a small village, in the east. 17 years old. Read the book after I saw the first movie, and then came to the conclusion that the books are better Big Smile Smilie.

And Merry Christmas everyone!
welcome Valaraukar. I hope you enjoy your visits with us. And you are right, the books are much better than the movies. Smile Smilie
Well met Valaraukar. There are more Dutch here on board *pokes Gildor*, so feel welcome and enjoy your stay.

(100% Dutch Wink Smilie )
Hello I am The Warden and I will be policing this site from now on. Just kidding, I'm Laurelindhe's hubby so be nice to me Police Smilie ------------------------------------------------------------I
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