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'Ello! My name is Heather. And I live in Florida, right in the dead center of Orlando! I'm 13, and I love too read anyhting too do with science fiction or Fantasy. And also historiacl fiction. I'm an only child, and I'm, I must say, a little, ok, QUITE obsessed woth Lord of the rings. But none of my friends or family are really into it. So, here I am, hoping too meet some people who are really into it like myself! And I go by Aya.

Ummm.. I don't really know what else too say. I speak some elvish, and I'm still learing!
Mae Govannen Aya_amarisas!

I hope you will find what you are looking for on this board since it offers such a variety. I would say, jump in somewhere and enjoy your stay.

(hey that rimes!)
(hey that rimes!)

*Gasp!* Does this mean you have been calling Amaree all this time? I am shocked! Young lady, I banish you to the LOTR appendix untill you have learned to pronounce the e-s at the ending of elven words. Deal Smilie Shouldn't take long, you should be done in good time before the fireworks.

Welcome Aya_amarisas. I hope you will like it here. Smile Smilie
That actually depends on which elven language... Noldorin? Sindarin? Avarin? Quenya? Telerin? Doriathrin? Or even Nandorin?
Well met Aya_amarisas; welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie
That actually depends on which elven language... Noldorin? Sindarin? Avarin? Quenya? Telerin? Doriathrin? Or even Nandorin?

I'd say Quenya is a good place to start.

Rhap-so-dy, if you are a Southerner or an Aussie/Kiwi I can imagine it becomes Rhap-so-day.

So your case being?
My case is that you are wrong. ’ or e is not pronouced ay. It is like a regular e like for example a German would say it, or a Norwegian like me. Appendix E explains how to say e. I am sure the Dutch version does too.

Rhapso-day is fun to say though. Smile Smilie
Welcome to PT Aya_amarisas, glad to have you here! Happy Elf Smilie

Well Cate Blanchett in FOTR didn't pronounce it the "ay" way but use the "e" of the German Theobald, as explained in the Appendices. Not sure if the movies are the best source for learning Elvish, but anyway, let's trust someone with pointy ears.

And to stay on topic : welcome to the greenhorns.

For vowels the letters i, e, a, o, u are used, and (in Sindarin only) y. As far as can be determined the sounds represented by these letters (other than y) were of normal kind, though doubtless many local varieties escape detection.

The position of the 'accent' or stress is not marked, since in the Eldarin languages concerned its place is determined by the form of the word. In words of two syllables it falls in practically all cases on the first syllable. In longer words it falls on the last syllable but one, where that contains a long vowel, a diphthong, or a vowel followed by two (or more) consonants. Where the last syllable but one contains (as often) a short vowel followed by only one (or no) consonant, the stress falls on the syllable before it, the third from the end. Words of the last form are favoured in the Eldarin languages, especially Quenya.
In the following examples the stressed vowel is marked by a capital letter: isIldur, Orome, erEss’a, f’anor, ancAlima, elent’ri; dEnethor, periAnnath, ecthElion, pelArgir, silIvren. Words of the type elent’ri 'star-queen' seldom occur in Quenya where the vowel is ’, ’, ’, unless (as in this case) they are compounds; they are commoner with the vowels ’, ’, as and ’ne 'sunset, west'. They do not occur in Sindarin except in compounds. Note that Sindarin dh, th, ch are single consonants and represent single letters in the original scripts.

It says nowhere how Namarie is pronounced in that appendix. But I did found the following:
nam’ri’. In Dutch it would be said as ie... the Dutch variant of Rhapsody ends on an ie...

No I don't have a Dutch edition of LOTR nearby.
I thought Quenya should be pronounced as Latin or something. I'm sure it's mentioned somewhere in the appendices that "e" should be pronounced as in "Theobald" but i can't check it right now, sorry.

I also think that it is mentioned somewhere in the appendices that each letter should be pronounced separately, so the Dutch 'ie' would not be possible. For instance : Galadriel.

I'm no expert on Elvish languages, anyway. Peredhil should be able to enlighten us on this subject, but he has long gone unfortunately.
Nopes, me either, but being directed to the appendices and reading something like that confuses the hell out of me.. I am not a linguistic although playing with words aka writing is something I love.
Hmmm, I thought there would be word examples in the English version. In the Norwegian version the section about vowels says after ....though doubtless many local varieties escape detection.:
"That means that the sounds were approximatly the same as we would find in Norwegian fin, ser, ja, nok, bukk, no matter the vowel length." Then later it says that e in the end of words is never silent.

And since Vir mentioned Pere (miss him!!!!), he used Fauskangers Quenya course as base for his classes. To quote lesson a from that course:

Short e may be pronounced as in English end. In Quenya this sound also occurs in final position. Since word-final e is usually silent in English orthography, Tolkien often used the spelling ’ in this position ’ and throughout this course, this spelling is employed consistently. This is only to remind English readers that in Quenya, this letter is to be distinctly pronounced. But since word-final e never occurs in spoken English, some speakers tend to substitute i or ey (following English practice in the rare cases of a final orthographic "e" being sounded, as when Jesse is pronounced "jessi", or karate is pronounced "karatey"). Quenya e should have the value described above in all positions. It must NOT be pronounced i, nor must there be a y-like sound creeping after it: l’m’ "night", mor’ "black", tinw’ "sparkle".

Edited (or Virumored Wink Smilie ) by myself to include links to the Ardalambion and the Quenya course.
I wrote:
It says nowhere how Namarie is pronounced in that appendix. But I did found the following:
nam’ri’. In Dutch it would be said as ie... the Dutch variant of Rhapsody ends on an ie...

No I don't have a Dutch edition of LOTR nearby.

I found it! The Dutch editition. It says: Al deze tweeklanken (including ie) waren 'verminderde' tweeklanken, d.w.z. met de klemtoon op het eerste element en samengesteld uit de versmolten eenvoudige klinkers. Zo is het de bedoeling dat ai,ei, oi. ui. respectievelijk worden uitgesproken als de klinkers in het Nederlands.

It basically says that Namarie should be prononounced, in our tongue as 'ie', the same would happen with when you say Rhapsody in Dutch.

*closes big book*
Can we please get this thread back to what it is supposed to be for - welcoming newcomers to our website?

Please take the interesting discussion about elvish words etc to another thread so it can be discussed properly.

Thank you.

Carry on.

Vee - Council Member
Shame on me. You are absolutly right, Vee. I have created a new thead and copied the discussion there.
How to say Nam’ri’
Thanks Amarie.

Now where were we?

Ah yes......... Welcome Aya_amarisas! Enjoy the site and please feel free to ask any questions. We don't bite (very hard or very often). Plenty of fellow fans here as well - books and films.
Greetings, Aya_amarisas!!!

I hope you enjoy PT and stick around for awhile!
Oy Aya_amarisas!! Welcome to Pt!! I hope you have a great time. And by the way, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome to PT Aya_amarisas and a happy new year! cya round...hopefully. Smile Smilie
Hi, I just signed up, too. You might also know me from the Star Wars website, I use the same screenname. I love LOTR and Star Wars. Not very similar, but who's counting?
A warm welcome to PT to Jedi marhwini!! Enjoy yourself and I hope I see you around here. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Well met, Jedi Marhwini!!! Glad you found your way put your feet up and stay for awhile!!!
I love LOTR and Star Wars. Not very similar

Are they not?

Hello, Jedi and welcome to PT. May the force be with you!
Well met Jedi marhwini!

Forgive my curiousity but what does marhwini mean?
Hello All,

I'm new here too. Some of you might know me from the PT chatbox. Some of you might not.
Let me tell something about myself, I love all of Tolkiens great works. I personally like The Silmarillion best. I have tried (multiple times) to learn Elvish, mainly Quenya, have miserably failed in that Dunce Smilie

Hi Pug!

So nice to see that you joined this site! I am still in a mix which book I like the best, they are all great!

I hope you have a great time here and welcome on board! Smile Smilie
Heeeeey Pug!

Welcome to PT! I'm sure you will enjoy yourself in here. Waving Hello Smilie
Welcome to PT Jedi marhwini & Pug! Hope you both enjoy your time here! Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome Jedi marhwini!!!
I know what you mean. I loved Star Wars from when i was a kid, and it was my first trilogy (for then it was still a trylogy). After that i read LOTR and began worshiping it instead. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome Jedi marhwini and Pug. Happy Elf Smilie I hope you each have a wonderful time here. 'Share and Enjoy!'
Hello Jedi marhwini and Pug. Looking forward to seeing you around. Smile Smilie