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Hi, my name is Colleen and i live in Waterbury, Conneticut and it's cold Snowman Smilie . I'm 14 yrs old and I love LOTR and read any books that are fantasy and sci-fi Read Smilie . I'm even trying to write my own stories. I want to learn elvish but i don't know how to go about doing that and I'm looking for friends........don't know what else to say? Question Smilie
You'll find plenty of friends here at PT,it one of the friendliest sites I've been to! You wont have any trouble making any. And it's so cool you live in Conneticut,I'm right in New Hampshire,it's freezing here too. I'm working on some books as well,although I seem to keep dropping them every few chapters...

Anyway back to your welcome,
Have fun here at PT and see you around. Waving Hello Smilie
Hi D'rissa, welcome to PT! That's a beautiful part of CT. you live in. I actually lived in Southbury when I was a lad for 4th, half of 5th, 7th, and 8th grade so I'm familiar with the area. Anyway, give a hollar if you have any questions, or need help with anything, someone will come along!
Happy Elf Smilie
Well met D'rissa!! I hope you have a great time here!
thanks you guys, schools off today SNOW! i have writers block and i keep re writting th first couple of chapters so i m stuck. been reading fantasy to help me get pass! I can tell and i m positive that i will like it here and i will have a good time. Everyone is so nice.
Welcome to PT D'rissa! I am envious of the snow you are getting! I don't see much of here in the SW. Anyway, enjoy !
Welcome, welcome to PT D'rissa! I know how u feel about the snow, unfortunately they have yet to cancel it here...not that it would affect me, seeing as I'm homeschooled, but I can always hope. :P
Hey D'rissa, you lucky devil you! I wish it was snowing where i lived. The most we've had this winter is one, measly, inch. Meanwhile all the towns and cities around my community have been dumped on so far. Go figure... Smoke Smilie

Anyways welcome and enjoy youself here at PT.
Welcome D'rissa. Enjoy the site and I hope the writer's block goes away soon. You might want to check out our Reading Group in the Writers Guild forum.

Have fun.
Hi everyone!!!!

My name's Wojtek, I come from Poland. I'm a huge Tolkien fan (not only LOTR but Sillmarillion, Unfinished Tales, Lost Tales...).
This is a great site, I really enjoy visiting it especially the Fan Fiction section. Some stories by Valedhelgwath blew me away!!
Anyway, hi everyone and I hope I'll be talking to some of you soon.
Cool Smilie
Welcom to PT! Big Smile Smilie
Well met Dwrflord ! Please remain on your feet while you read those excellent stories! I hope the jury will soon submit some new writings. Enjoy your stay here, may it be a pleasant one. Smile Smilie
Hi Dwrflord. Great to have you here ! Happy Elf Smilie
Greetings to D'rissa and Dwrflord. Hope you enjoy your (hopefully) long and happy stay here at PT. I'm from the States, Iowa to be precise, and we've had a ton of snow the past couple of weeks. Well it was actually only 12 inches and not a ton, but thats still alot to shovel. Hope you are enjoying your new friends here at PT! Wiggle Smilie
Hi D/'rissa. Good to have another aspiring writer in the neighborhood! Welcome to PT and have a great time. Be sure to stop in the chatroom sometime, also. Waving Hello Smilie

Hey there, Dwrflord! Welcome to the greatest Tolkien website in the world. Be sure to stop into Gimli's Khazad-Dumish Inn for good times and the finest beverages in M.E. Pary Smilie
Howdy D'rissa and Dwrflord. Welcome tp Planet-Tolkien. Share and enjoy! Happy Elf Smilie
Hello Dwrflord, welcome to PT! Waving Hello Smilie
hiya Dwrflrd, well met and welcome to PT! Enjoy, share and meet all the nice ppl on here. Hope to cya round. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hey! Welcome to the board! Join some guild threads. They're fun! It'll give you some inspiration for writing. I know it does for me. I think I'm going to use my character Daille in one of my books. I'm working on a series of, so far, five books. I've only begun actual writing of the first of the series...but there will be a prequel. Good luck with your books. I hope to see you on the shelves one day, and I hope I see me too! Haha.
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, D'rissa and Dwrflord Waving Hello Smilie I hope you have fun here.

This is a great site, I really enjoy visiting it especially the Fan Fiction section. Some stories by Valedhelgwath blew me away!!

Thank you, Dwrflord... It's nice to know people read my stories and enjoy them. You've made my day Smile Smilie
welcome to Planet Tolkien guys!!!!! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie