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Hi there everyone,

I joined the site a few weeks ago but have recently started back at Uni in 'sunny' UK to complete my undergraduate degree so have been rather busy of late. I love all things middle-earth and regard Tolkien as a genius beyond any doubt. I have read the hobbit twice, the Lord of the Rings several times, having read the Return of the King about 4 seperate times also. The Silmarillion I only bought last January when I was depressed. In the matter of a week I had finished it and with its completion my depression had almost gone. So i went and bought Unfinished Tales to devour and I haven't looked back since.
In the space of the last twelve months I've read the Silmarillion three times and just started again for the beginning of the new year, really start me off in the right frame of mind. Now I find I read it in a matter of days as I just cant put it down but it is worth the read for any of you who haven't yet.
I also like to write and have been working on my own story for the last three years after a writer's block that seemed to be remedies by my return to education. I do not know how 'good' it is, if at all it is more for myself at present but I am pleased with how much my world has grown and the people that have emerged, especially compared with how it originally started. I laugh at those early days but with an insightful mind as without certain folly I would not have the world I do now.
Anyway I have rambled on far too long as I am wont to do so bye for now, any questions, thoughts or comments...please just ask....
oooh I am also a fan of Led Zeppelin and the Levellers.
Take care all and

Well met, Isorfir! Nice to have you aboard PT! Smile Smilie You seem like quite an interesting person. I can't wait to learn more about you! Enjoy yourself here!
'Sunny UK'??????? Excuse me but which UK are you in? Smile Smilie Although to be fair the weather isn't too bad here. Anyway, welcome! Another UKer! We'll soon have enough UKers for a UK meet. Which Uni btw? Not that I know any but it would pinpoint your location on this 'Scepter'd isle'.

Next you need to read the entire HOME, no skipping any bits, no coffee breaks. (Yeah, I'm puling your leg). However, The Letters of JRRT are absolutely invaluable for knowing Tolkien's thoughts.

Anyway, welcome, Isorfir and enjoy our community.
It was 'sunny' UK, not sunny UK. Wink Smilie
Welcome Isorfir, I'll be looking forward to seing you share your views in the discussions.

-Ama from the currently quite misty Norway-
Wow! Consider yourself in luck Isorfir, for you have just been greeted by the two resident Goddesses of PT. But as a word of warning. Watch your back!

Anyways, welcome aboard, buckle your seatbelts and get ready for the ride aboard Planet-Tolkien. Peace and Enjoy!
Amarie - misty or 'misty'? btw never let truth get in the way of a joke.

And Lord_Aragorn86 - you say the nicest things! (Just not to us!) We don't want to scare away our new members; we want to lure them in gently while we fire up the BBQ.

(p.s. We are lovely really. We love new members - roasted, boiled, grilled, steamed..... ) What am I saying? We really do like new members. If you have any questions or queries just ask. And please join in discussions or start new ones for us to join in.
btw never let truth get in the way of a joke.

I didn't. UK being sunny was Isorfirs joke first. Subtile but nice. I thought it would be fun to correct you since you had fun 'twisting' her(?) words and pretending she had misunderstood. Wink Smilie And it was fun!
Oh Amarie, I am deeply hurt. How could you? And I am always so nice to you. (sniff)
*giggles insanly*
Hmmm... we are taking over yet another newbie thread aren't we? We are always like this, joking and being silly. But when we mean business, then you will know. We are complex, like goddesses are. Wink Smilie Oh and we are Council Members too.

Ok, back into welcome new members mode:
Don't be afraid to ask us questions, we don't mind at all. But first check the FAQ and Help (under Your Account to the right here <----------- ) There is a lot of useful info in there and we work hard to keep them updated. That way you might get your answer right away and you won't have to wait for us to reply.
welcome welcome welcome Isorfir!! Birthday Smilie
Hi Isorfir. Welcome to Planet-Tolkien. Share and enjoy. Happy Elf Smilie
And Lord_Aragorn86 - you say the nicest things! (Just not to us!)

Thank you, my dear Vee! But I was just trying to take away the "warmth" of your welcome. And of course, keep the BBQ going! But sadly, I'm a vegetarian!
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, fellow UK'er and Tolkien fan, Isorfir. Waving Hello Smilie

If you enjoy writing, maybe you'd like to join our Reading Group. We've about a dozen members, and once in a while, one of the group (mainly Vee) distributes a piece of their work around the group for comments etc. If you'd like to join, either just to read or to share your own work, PM me your email and I'll put you on the list.

Having read as much as you have, hopefully we'll see you in the Tolkien discussion threads. Look forward to seeing you around.
Hi there Isorfir!

I am glad to hear that the Silmarillion has cheered you up and made you read more. I know I had the same experience after reading the Sil! I just wanted to read more. Anyway I hope to see you around here and I hope you have a great time here. It is a wonderful site!
Thank you afor all your welcomes, they are much appreciated Big Smile Smilie

I will certainly be posting in discussions and maybe even starting my own threads, I am however quite a busy bee at the moment having started back at University to finish my course so if I seem a little absent it won't be for too long.

To answer Valedhelgwath, that is an interesting group you seem to have and I will be in touch soon. Thank you.

To answer: Vee, I am currently at University College Northampton studying Psychology and Philosophy, majoring in Psychology and doing a dissertation study in the parapsychological area of ESP in dreams. I am, however originally from Birmingham where the good old Mr Tolkien grew up I believe.

Anywho I do have to go, even as it is Saturday night I have reading to do for my course. Shame I will be missing the union later as Pat Sharp is there (from Fun House on CITV back in the days of old Big Laugh Smilie )

Peace to all Smoke Smilie
Welcome to PT Isorfir, best of luck with your studies, and with your writing! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Isorfir, I'd love to read your book. Send it to me if you wish me to read it: Welcome by the way!
Hey Isorfir! It sounds like you will be able to offer me some advice on my thesis then. I have yet to start it, (I have to write a proposal this month), but I am going to psychoanalyze LOTR. I would love any input from you, as a psychology expert, when I actually begin creating threads.
Yay! A Brummy! I have family in Birmingham (by marriage). I, myself, am an Essex girl but relocated.
Thank you for your interest Ulmo, Lord of Waters. However I do not have a finished manuscript in any sense. I have a substantial collection of ideas, plots and character development, including maps and histories but as yet I have not written the book as such. It's in my head but obviously that doesn't count in the literary world. I will happily send you things about it htough if you wish?

And to Eruwen, I find your idea of psychoanalysing LOTR fascinating to say the least, what a great way to use the thesis to explore LOTR in this way. Good luck and I will do anything I can to help but I have not touched upon Freud or psychoanalysis in much detail. However I am taking a class at present that is looking at his theories. Any help I can be, I will.

That's all from me for now, Peace to all and safe journeying in Middle-earth.