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Smile Smilie Hi I am a new one and I am looking for friends (tolkien fans of course!Smile Smilie)
Welcome, Lizzie! You will find many friends and fans here. Smile Smilie See you around.
Well, my dear, you have come to the right place! Everyone is a friend here and new people are always welcome! And feel free to be friendly with the Council Members, too-they won't bite-much! Beware of the V-Goddesses, Vee and Amarie, though, because I hear they are looking for fresh new sacrifices... Good and Evil Smilie

Anyway, good to have you here at PT! that you mention it Laurelindhe, what happened to that lass who joined not all that long ago...? Wary Smilie
*Buuurp* I don't know what you are talking about. Angel Smilie

Welcome to PT, Lizziezald. Smile Smilie
welcome to planet tolkien Lizziezald!! we all are tolkien fan!!

I hope I'll find friends here Smile Smilie
I would be surpriced if you didn't find friends here. Welcome to PT. Smile Smilie
welcome to PT Galadriel !! see you around Juggling Smilie
hi feanor! Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome to PT Lizziezald, and Galadriel! Hope you both enjoy your time here! Happy Elf Smilie
hi galadriel! Dunce Smilie
Good to have you both on board. Have fun!
Well met and welcome to PT Lizzie! Enjoy and share, and you'll find tons of new friends here. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hello Lizziezald. and Galadriel, nice to have you aboard. I hope you have fun here. Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Lizziezald and Galadriel Waving Hello Smilie

I've read several threads from new members today in which they are hoping to make friends. This is a great site, with a real community spirit, so I'm sure most of you will be lucky. Have fun, and if there's anything you need to know that the Help section does not cover, don't be afraid to ask.
Hi there Lizziezald and Galadriel. Indeed this is a great site with so much going on and so much to read and talk about. Enjoy your stay here!