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Hey, I am new here and i am was wondering if we had to create out own chracter here like our own person. Cuz i am a huge LOTR fan i am 16 and attend school my name is Irai. I am rely into starting going here quite often and getitng involded with what happens here. And i also know Cloud Wanderer
Welcome to PT Irai! That's a nice name...and as for creating characters, there are RPG threads to do that. There are many other fun threads to join as well. Hope you enjoy PT a lot! Wiggle Smilie
Yeah, go on the Role PLaying Game threads and you can make a character and play with others. I'm The Spotted Daisy/Loni. A stupid dwarf who's a wannabe. And I like to get drunk. Just go on the Khazadumish Inn thread...... Did you know dwarves don't get hangovers? (Well, not really, but I like to pretend so)

Irai. Where'd you get that from?
Alright, ill try it you guys are wuite awesome, you are very welcoming and have me and my friend "Cloud wanderer" feel very welcome good fortunes to all
Welcome to PT. May thou spirit shine with the light that they are and lead others away from the darkness!
Welcome to PT Irai. Smile Smilie
Hi Irai, welcome to PT, hope you enjoy your time spent here! Happy Elf Smilie
Hiya Irai, well met and welcome to PT! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie If u like creating characters then definitely check out the RPG's. Hope to cya round!
Indeed i shall make an effort to do so thanks to all taht have welcomed me and Cloud wanderer here
I don't go for RPGs anymore, except KHAZAD-DUMISH INN!!!! It's the best RPG, cause you can get drunk. Or like me, be drunk permanently. Try it.
Welcome to planet Tolkien, Irai. I hope you have fun here.
Hi Irai, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy.
Welcome Irai. I hope you find Planet-tolkien as much fun as I do.
I hope so as well thanks
Haven't seen you on Khazad-dumish Inn yet!!!!! Off you go!!!!! It's the hottest thread in the whole site. Get off this welcome thread and explore!!!
welcome to PT Irai!!!! I hope to see you around!!! enyoy yourself here!!! Dunce Smilie