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Hello everyone,

I have to admit, my family's a little embarassed by my love of all things Tolkien. Do I care? Not one whit, because the world of Middle Earth has always felt suprisingly familiar and warmly comfortable. I felt drawn to join PT because I was impressed by the level of serious scholarship I found on these boards. I can tell that I'm going to learn a lot, and I can't wait to do so with others who love the good professor's work.

While I know that this is a UK site, I am actually in the United States. Next year I'll be at University (which university it will be is still up in the air). Until then I am planning on doing the things that I love, like eating plenty of Tex Mex, drawing and gardening, swimming in the river, and reading loads of good books. It's a pretty hobbit-esque existence (except that swimming bit) and it suits me just fine. Right now I'm plowing through the histories, and so far I'm really enjoying them.

I'm American to! I'm just a disgrace (or a credit, I'll let you decide!) to the entire nation. Being from the Glorious Green State of Georgia, conviently and wonderfully located in central Dixie, I feel obliged to question which state your, undoubtedly much more than equally glorious to my pathetic self, person hails from. My family is embarassed by my love of Middle-Earth too! And half my friends, the other half are at least as obsessed as me! I like Middle-Earth beacuase impossible things are common, not in the Oriental film way mind you. An I just like medieval and renaissance anything, save tights,uggggggggggggh! That and the Hobbit diet. I eat four meals a day. Mostly carbs and protein as my diet, aint I rebellious! Welcome to PT! I'm that weird guy everyone's gonna tell you to avoid, every on or offline community has one or a dozen. AND THERE RIGHT AS RAIN IN A DROUGHT WHEN THE FISH ARE BEGGING TO LIVE IN YOUR CLOGGED TOILET! (Sorry about the strangeness of that comment, but It's almost 1 AM, and I don't drink coffee.)
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Morwen. I look forward to seeing you around. Have fun.
Hi Morwen, welcome to PT, hope you enjoy your time spent here! Happy Elf Smilie
Family embarrassed? ME TOO!!! My Mum keeps saying things like "I can't believe you've got a crush on a dead guy." I don't think she quite understands, don't you? And it doesn't matter if you're not pom. I'm a pom, but i've lived in NZ for the last ten years, so I"m kind of a NZer.
Hi Morwen, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie

I'm a native Washingtonian (State, not D.C.) and I have found that this site caters to all nationalities and ages, as long as they are interested in the good Professor's writings.
Hiya Morwen, well met and welcome to PT! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I'm also from the States, Utah, ugh, and a rather large embarassment to my family, tho there are other things contributing to that at the moment, along with LOTR. :P Enjoy and share! cya round!
Oh and Ar, about the coffee, it's a good thing you don't drink it, can u just imagine what sort of comments we'd hear from you then? jk :P
Welcome Morwen to PT. You will definitely have a good time here. There are folks from all around the globe at this site, as well as others from the States like us (I'm from Iowa.) Everyone here loves Tolkien and have a good time discussing his works. Personally I love the quirkier members the best as you never know what to expect of them. When in doubt about things, feel free to email a council member as they are always most helpful and patient. Looking forward to reading your posts Morwen!
Welcome! And yay for Indiana!
There are WAY too many Americans on this site. Up with the poms!
Well you know what I have to say about the poms? What's a pom? pro-organizational-managers or something? I didn't fight a war and lose a toe to be insulted like that! (As a matter of fact I never fought a war and don't have any toes anyway, but I still didn't not have all ten toes to be insulted like this!)

An what do you mean by the kind of comments you would have to deal with if I drank coffee. Alot of people here at the institution enjoy my company!
Well you know what I have to say about the poms? What's a pom?
Me thinks a pom is either a New Zealand abreviation: for a fruit that has many pips, for a pup dog, or else it is the useless half of those things cheerleaders hold in their hands and wave around. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Of course we enjoy them Ar, didn't mean it that way...I was just thinking about what a Ar with coffee would be like. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well met Morwen!

This is not really an UK or an American site... more a site where fans from all over the world come together! You would be amazed how many world-citizens enjoy sharing their thoughts and discuss with each other here!

Enjoy your stay!
I have no idea what fruit you're talking about Grondy, less you mean passion fruit?, anywho, never heard of it called a pom before.
Actually, pom is a NZ and AU misconception. We call the British poms, when in actual fact it stands for *Prisoners of Her Majesty* meaning the prisoners that where sent to Austrailia in 19th c
A fact us Kiwi's like to point out to the Ausie's when they beat us at Criket..........and Rugby...........and Hocky.............and the leage.................ok, pretty much every sport known to man kind.........bloody Ausies....Wink Smilie
Oh, and Howdy Morwen, welcome to PT
Hey, Rhodry, you are so clever!!!! I never knew pom meant prisoner of her majesty!!! I laugh. MWAHAHAHA!!! YOU ARE ALL PRISONERSS!!!!!

I thoguht everyone knew what a pom was. It's a pom. Who comes from Pommyland. Which is England. I THOUGHT EVERYONE KNEW THAT!!!!
I have no idea what fruit you're talking about Grondy, less you mean passion fruit?, anywho, never heard of it called a pom before.
I meant short for pomegranate. I now have to assume Loni has been misusing POM, because no one thought to straighten her out as to its true usage. She should be using MOE or JOE which are short for Merry Old or Jolly Old 'you know where' Elk Grinning Smilie.
Hey Morwen!!! welcome to PT!!!!! Birthday Smile Smilie