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Hello everyone!

Just thought I'd say a quick hi and have a look around the boards!

Im Dan, 19 from Nottingham - a keen interest in Tolkiens work and I have a band going by the name of Zabiis (Black Speech for Gang) We are on google so just search for Zabiis!

If you'd like a song just message me on here!

Hello Dan from Nottingham. Does your band play Tolkien inspired music? Enjoy the site and please join in discussions - or feel free to ask any questions.
Welcome Dan-nedine. I hope you will like it here. Smile Smilie
Welcome! Hope you have a wonderful time here!
Hi there, Dan-nedine of the North! Good to have another music buff around. Hope you like this site-PT is a very open-minded, friendly place, with some of the best Tolkien-based discussions on the web. There are also entertaining games to bounce ideas and jokes off one another, especially in the Ivy Bush tavern, which has lots of fun stuff. The members are all interesting, original people, so I assume you'll fit in just fine. Jump right in and enjoy your time here!
Welcome to PT Dan-nedine of the north! Orc Smiling Smilie
Oh, welcome!!! This is great! A BAND!!! What kind of music do you play?
welcome Dan-nedine!!! enjoy yourself here!! Elk Grinning Smilie
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Dan-nedine of the north. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy.

(Grondy deleted his extra post: This happens when we get tired of waiting for the next page to download and we think maybe if we click on the button again that will to speed things up.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hey Grondy, you got a double post thingy going on there. :P ^^^

Well met and welcome to PT Dan! Enjoy and share. Hope to cya round.
Hails! I am also new here. I also know of Dan-nedine... it's great to now be a part of PT
Welcome Dan-nedine of the North and Mokal sharaob to PT. Sounds like the two of you are friends. Are you in the band also Mokal? Hope you both enjoy our little family. Feel free to browse the various discussions that have happened, as well as the current ones. Looking forward to reading your input and seeing your posts! Again, welcome Dan and Mokal! Waving Hello Smilie
Welcome to PT Mokal sharaob, hope you enjoy your time spent here! Happy Elf Smilie
Howdy Mokal sharaob, welcome to our happy family.
Thanks for the kind welcomes!

We are indeed in the same band!

We write tolkien inspired music, but from the darker side of things. Its quite dark, atmospheric, but also very fast and brutal at times! We should have a demo soon and then I'll post links for mp3's up.


"Zabiis was forged by Mokal Sharaob, Throkal (Dan), Lufutaum and Drauzurm in 2004.
Zabiis play 'Aklash' based around all the dark aspects in Tolkien's world.
Zabiis take influences from Doom/Black Metal and Ambient.
Zabiis combine these elements to create something primitive yet comprehending.
Zabiis choose to play aklash for their own gratification [in solitude and darkness]."
Hi Dan-nedine of the north, welcome to Planet Tolkien. As far as I know, with the exception of Halica and Lady Val, you are the closest member to my my own neck of the woods. It's been a while since I've been out in Nottingham, but I used to get in Rock City quite a lot when I was younger. Is the place still open?

That place is still open, Infact I was there last night!

Its not so bad but its killed the Nottingham music scene by being a monoply over everyone :-( Arh well!

Where abouts in the woods are you :-P
So you guys play music in the style of Summoning or Burzum?
*hides because doesn't know ANY of these bands*

Mokal sharoab, what does that mean? Where'd you get that username from? ILt's a bit of a mouthful, you mind if I just call you Mokal? Of course you don't!!!!! MOKALMOKALMOKALMOKAL!!!!

Sorry. Just like shouting random names. Feeling a bit strange today.
@Virumor. Yes the music is perhaps played in similar style to both burzum and summoning. I listen to both of them and we definitely have taken a few influences. My Dying Bride, Anathema and Wyrd are a few other obvious influences.

@Loni, the name 'Mokal sharaob' is supposed to mean "Hater of Man" in black speech. My translation is probably a little wrong though. I only know so much... is a good place to go if you wish to learn a few things.
EEEWWW, Hater of Man. But I'm a dwarf. That's alright. (I think we have a member vicious enough to take on VEE!!!!!! I can't wait to watch!!!!!!) Vee is our 'goddess' in PT. Stir not the wrath of Vee!!!!! I like to be cheeky to her every now and then. But she's really quite cool.
Heya Dan-nedine of the North and Mokal sharaob! Have a great time here, I believe we have enough folks around that really would appreciate the music you make. Post the links to the demos when you can!

Dark Tolkien-inspired music. I am curious.
Whoops... didn't see you lurking there in the shadows, when I posted before, Mokal sharaob. I must have missed the second page. Welcome to the site too. I take it you are from Notts as well, then.

Where in the woods are you?

The next county.... Lincs. I used to be in Boston, but am now in a total backwater at Sutton Bridge.
hi dan-nedine!! welcome to pt!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy being here!!! Juggling Smilie
what kind of music do you play?
Welcome to our friendly little planet, Dan-nedine of the North and Mokal sharaob. Waving Hello Smilie
Tolkien inspired musicians, eh? That is great.
I hope you enjoy being part of our fellowship.