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Hi, I'm new here. Favourite Tolkien race is Dwarves. Favourite period would be around the time of "The Hobbit" and a bit earlier.

Married, Wife, three kids and I make miniatures (toy soldiers) for a living.
Well met! Hope you have a wonderful time here at PT!
Greetings Mjolnir!! Welcome to PT! I think its cool when there are people like you , grown ups with family and all, that still have a passion for LOTR and all fantasy work. You make miniatures eh? Cool. I like them, a shame im not ambitious enough to start collecting them. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
You don't have to be ambitious...... you just have to be able to afford them Big Smile Smilie

As for my age? Well, I got in to Middle Earth when I was 7 or 8 and now at the age of 32 I'm inducting my kids. The oldest is 6, and we've just started reading through the Hobbit together (she does the reading, and I explain the harder words) and my son would watch the films all day, every day, if we let him.
Welcome Mjolnir! Wow, that's very interesting that you make toy soldiers for a living. Very cool. Do you make any LOTR miniatures?

Oh, and good thing you're starting your kids young Smile Smilie.

See you around!
Now that is the spirit! Hook them while they are young! Welcome Mjolnir, it is an honour to have Tors hammer with us. Explore, enjoy and don't be afraid to ask questions or to answer them. See you around! Happy Elf Smilie
@ Amari’: I was going to be "Grond", but that's not a very Dwarfy name Smile Smilie

@ Eruwen: I might have been the guy who got the job making the LoTR figs for GW if I accepted the job offer in 1997. Alas, I chose to be self employed and GW weren't hiring freelance sculptors at the time.
Well, this gives you the opportunity to make your own figurines of LOTR, right? Or would that be copyright infringement of some sort?
Welcome Mjolnir!

Can I have a fully functional, jointed, anatomically correct Faramir please?

No, don't just put new clothes on Ken.

@ Eruwen: That would mean I couldn't sell them....... so it's a no go area Sad Smilie

@ Vee: Disturbed Smilie
Hello Mjolnir, you've got a good name there, and welcome to Planet-Tolkien. Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome to the site, Mjolnir. I hope you have a great time around here.
hi Mjolnir!

Another dwarf lover! It would be great to have more people around who knows more about that race.

Have a great time here and pass by in the Khazad-dumish Inn, if someone else didn't point you the way to it Wink Smilie
Welcome to Pt Mjolnir!!!! hope to see you around!!! Pary Smilie
Mjolnir, welcome, friend!

Good to have you aboard! Enjoy PT!
Hi Mjolnir, welcome to PT! Waving Hello Smilie
I fyou're a dwarf-lover, Rhapsody, how come you aren't one yourself? Maybe dwarfdom is like sanity to you - it's a nice place, but you wouldn't want to live there.

FINALLY ANOTHER DWARF!!!! There's like... NO dwarves here. Only Grondy. And he's too brainy and old. COME TO THE KHAZADl-DUMISH INN!!!! We can both get drunk!!!!! Are you one of those special dwarves who don't get hangovers? Cause I am.
Yes, welcome Mjolnir to PT. Making miniatures sounds fascinating. What's your specialty? Do you have a web page so people can see and buy your creations?

Nice to see another family person here. Like you I'm trying to instill a love of Tolkien in my children also. My boys love the movies, and I almost have the oldest one talked in to reading The Hobbit. Gotta pass the fire on to a new generation!

Looking forward to seeing you around PT and reading your posts.

And Vee...I like your idea, only make mine Eomer.
Hello! I'm Finaille, and I'm new. Well, that's probably obvious Smile Smilie . Anyways, my friend Eva Lilith always wants me to visit here, and she's right behind me, so I'm like, I'll get an account here! And plus I adore the movies... until the day I have enough money to get the third extended version Elf Winking Smilie so yes. Hope to meet many people!

Sorry if the first post was from Eva (if any of you even noticed). Whoops ^_^ I'll hit her with a wet fish or something... Wink Smilie
Hey, Fin! should have thought of formally greeting you last night, but... didn't. Wanted to get you to the Khaz-Dumish! Welcome to Mjolnir as well!
Welcome to the PT party Finaille nailo, hope you enjoy your time spent here! Waving Hello Smilie
That's one cumbersome username. At least for me. What country are you from? I shall call you Finaille.

Tut tut. MORE ELVES!!! Everyone wants to be an elf. Tut tut. Well, you just come into the Khazad-dumish Inn. ANd a tip. Don't be like all the other elves there. Poncy silent types. GET DRUNK AND LOVE IT!!!
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Finaille nailo. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy!

(Just ignore our little Dwarf maiden, her barks is much worse than her bytes.)
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Finaille nailo. And stop hitting Eva with a wet fish. I'm a fish cop, and I'm sure that must be illegal Tongue Smilie
Hello! I am sort of new here. Like a month ago I came here and got an account but on like the third time of logging in...I coudn't!Mad Smilie I tried and tried but it said "no account found" or sumpthin and i tried to make another but it said "Already an account with this e-mail" D'oh!Exploding Head Smilie But now all of a sudden it works now so WAHOO!Smile SmilieSmile SmilieSmile Smilie
Hello, Glory findel!

I hope PT becomes your cyber home-away-from-home! Enjoy!
Welcome to the site, Glory findel. Hopefully this time you'll be able to join us without anymore problems. Hope you enjoy yourself.
Welcome to our happy family Glory findel. Happy Elf Smilie

Our names, email addresses, and passwords must all be exactly like they initially were entered or we will have trouble logging in. They are case sensitive and if after a period of absence, our email addresses change, we won't recognized.
Well met Finaille, and Glory findel!!!

I have seen Glory Findel around (I love that nick), but Finaille not that much, unless I am looking in the wrong places Big Smile Smilie

Oh before I forget... Terrijaine: I love your avatar!!!
Welcome, Welcome, WELCOME - Mjolnir, Finalille & Gory Findel!!!

Hope to see you around.

Take care,

Greetings Finaille and Gloryfindel. Our little PT family seems to be experiencing a wonderful growth spurt! Glad to meet you both and I look forward to reading your posts, so please post often! Sorry to hear you had login problems Gloryfindel. Like Grondy said, it takes only one little letter to be wrong and you lose the whole shootin-match. Thankfully you seem to have it all sorted out though! Take care and looking forward to seeing you both around PT! Big Smile Smilie
welcome to u all!!!!!! Dunce Smilie