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hi everybody!
I like planet tolkien very much!!! I hope I'll find friends here!!!
hi Galadriel !!! I'm already your friend!!! we are a big family...all are friends here!!!
Welcome to PT Galadriel. Hope you enjoy your time spent here! Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Galadriel. I'm sure you'll soon make friends here..... We're all friendly.... Apart from Vee, who eats newcomers for breakfast.
I am sure I'll find friends here!!!
I hope vee willn't eat me for breakfast cause I thenk I am not very delicious!!! Smile Smilie
feanor and I are friens already, and aredhel is my friend too.
I like being here very much! We are really a big and friendly family!!! Happy Elf Smilie
Hey Galadriel with a dot Wink Smilie I hope you enjoy participating and talking to the members of this site!
Galadriel i hope that first statement isnt implying that u cant find friends anywhere else.

ps thanks for the msg tho
Yeah, I really enjoy participating and talking to the members of this site!!!
Welcome to PT Galadriel and Dave. Waving Hello Smilie
Hey, guys!

Welcome to our humble online home-away-from-home! Friends are not far-you just have to be a friend to find them. Wink Smilie

Enjoy PT and watch out for the Newbie Cannibals...I hear they are quite hungry...
Vee doesn't eat newcomers for breakfast!!! SHe eats them for lunch. She eats members who have since quit for breakfast. And sometimes I help her polish off newcomers. I don't like old members. They're so spicy.... Did I say that out loud?

WELCOME TO PT!!!! Jumping Flame Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Galadriel. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy.