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i'm lookin forward to some serious Tolkien talk, ive read the hobbit, silm, and lotr so far and am in urgent reassurance that i havent crossed the line into becoming a geek by joining this site. Any words of encouragement welcome, plus any burning issues about middle earth... heres one: how would Sauron put the ring on if he's just an eye and has no hands, if he can take many forms why doesnt he turn into a big sword and kill everyone?
welcome to Pt Davetherave!!!! enjoy the site....
Hi Davetherave, welcome to PT! If you want to know more about Sauron, check the following links out. I’m sure you will find more than enough info in these,

What is Sauron


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Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Davetherave. Worried about becoming a geek? Don't be... Geeks invariably raise the issue of how Sauron would put the ring on when he's an eye and doesn't have any hands. Unless you find yourself asking such questions, you know you are safe Tongue Smilie


Oh well, just do what the rest of us around here do.....Repeat after me:-


There's even a thread about it somewhere.
hi davetherave!!! welcome to pt!
I am sure you'll have serious talks about tolkien here. Smile Smilie
Welcome Davetherave! I'm sure we have a few geeks here already so if you succumb to geekness don't be afraid. Plenty of non-geeks to keep you balanced anyway.
Hi Davetherave! I think geeks come in all sizes and forms, but what does it matter? We all love Tolkien, his works, the movies and so on.

Have a great time here and enjoy this huge fellowship!
My brother's name is Dave...well met, my lad, enjoy PT!
I wear socks with my sandals because it is comfortable, not because I am a nerd Tongue Smilie

*Hides his inhaler under his pocket protector*
Hello Davetherave, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie

Anardil, I still wear a pocket protecter, alias 'nerd sack', but I no longer clip to my belt my $25 K&E log-log, duplex, deci-trig sliderule anymore, seeing as how I parked it in a drawer when I bought a $150, TI SR50, which has since been replaced by a $15, TI-30 SLR, which since my retirement has languished in the bottom of a shoebox with the rest of my engineering paraphenalia. Does that mean I've outgrown either my nerdiness or my geekiness, or just that I exhibit a well adjusted weirdness? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie