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sup, i'm new. love to write, tolkien is inspiring. don't plan to create a mythology, but something before i die. my friends aren't really into this stuff, which is why I'm here. how are u all? Waving Hello Smilie[
Welcome to PT, Arwen undomiel. We are very happy to have you join our happy family. Smile Smilie
Hi Arwen undomiel and welcome. So much in so few words. I'm impressed. Enjoy the forums and please join in discussions - maybe check out our writer's guild.

Welcome to our happy family Arwen undomiel. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy.
Hey, I type random things for attention, at least that's what everyone says. You should probably just ignore me. I agree, Tolkien is very inspiring, I'm trying to create a fantasy series (It's going slower than molasses in January, every now and then I'll get a writer sprint. But I am so quickly winded!)
I'm off to start a thread to help me with my writing (Please comment in that thread, you know I need help. most of the time......... constantly.) Welcome to pt, you'll find that everyone but me has a great personality. I have what me and some random person I know diagnosed as DPS, or Deficient Personality Syndrom. Or, we can just ignore medical terms and say I'm weird, not very smart, and some people say I'm crazy. I am not insane, but I may be crazy. (Crazy is casual insanity, which means you want to be insane and you enjoy making people think your insane and I've said too much.)
A hoi hoi, welcome to PT pretty new too and i hope u enjoy bein a member of PT Smile Smilie
Welcome to PT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hi Arwen, welcome to the site. If you like writing, you might be interested in joining our Writing Group. Details can be found in the Writer's Guild.
Hello, mistook! What a fantastic and creative nicname! It's like "Miss Took" and "mistaken" all at once...very witty. I look forward to seeing you around!
WHAT A GREAT NICKNAME!!! Can I call you MIss Took? It's SOOO much better.
thanks all for the warm welcome. I'll have a look around. Look Around Smilie
welcome to PT Arwen undomiel!!! enjoy the site!!! see u around
Welcome, Arwen undomiel and Mistook! Have fun, this is a great site! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Yeah, the writer's guild is a good place if you like to write, and there are a lot of people here that do.
Hello, and a big welcome to PT to both Arwen undomiel, and Mistook! Hope you both enjoy your time spent here!
Waving Hello Smilie
Hi Arwen undomiel and Mistook!

Have a great time here!