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hello all! My name is Holly, and you'll be seeing me around here a lot I suspect. Smile Smilie I'll be working with Ant the new site owner and the Council Members as we revamp and upgrade the site. Mainly I'll be working site content and getting the galleries back online, so if you have any artwork or fan fiction to submit, suggestions about content, or bad links to report, please feel free to drop me an email at

About me - I'm 31, currently living in snowy Wisconsin. I've been a Tolkien fan since I first read the trilogy in 1992 (I know, late starter), and have been an avid fiction and fantasy reader all my life. I'm active in the Lord of The Rings fandom on LiveJournal, but other than visits to, this is the first Tolkien site that I've frequented. You have a wonderful, friendly active site here, and I very much am looking forward to helping expand and fine tune it into what you all want it to be.

I'm not sure what to say here, so if you have questions or want to put me on the spot Smile Smilie , drop a reply here. I look forward to getting to know many of you!

Hello, Holly! I was wondering when we'd get to meet you. Welcome aboard Planet-Tolkien! Enjoy yourself and pop into the Khazad-Dumish Inn for some fun, and come into the chatroom sometime. See you around!
Thank you! I'll definately drop in for some chatting soon!
Hi Holly! Looking forward to working with you. And never mind being a late starter - better late than never!

How did you meet Ant and get involved in all this? (Hey, never said I wasn't nosey!)
Hi Holly. Waving Hello Smilie
Good to see you in here. I am a late starter too, so don't worry about it. Better late than never. Smile Smilie
Hi Holly,
We are very happy to have you onboard. Smile Smilie You are a welcomed addition to the team.
It doesn't matter if one is a later starter, what matters is that one does start.
How did you meet Ant and get involved in all this?

I met Ant in 1996, when we both travelled to Edinburgh to study at Queen Margaret College in a Stage Management and Design university course. I was on a Rotary scholarship from the US, he was there from Northhampton. We were the only students on the course that were older than the typical 18 year old first year student, and we became good friends. We dated for a year, but then I went back to the US to finish my US university degrees (English literature and Theatrical Management) and it was all email and calls sporatically over the past years, with only one short visit in 1998.

Then in October, Ant flew here to Wisconsin to visit me and for a much needed rest and break from the work he was doing. He was supposed to stay for a month, but he's still here. (Well, until Friday). Anyway, when he decided to buy the site, he spoke to me about helping with it because a) I'm a big fan, and b) because I've served as moderator and assistant admin on other websites in the past (non-Tolkien) so he knew I had the skills. Plus as my job as a manager of a software support team is a standard 9-5, so I had a bit of time to put some effort into getting the site up quickly and helping him figure out how everything runs here. As I've said - I'm really excited about it. Smile Smilie
Welcome to PT Holly. Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. Sounds like you've had an interesting time what with travelling to England and all. I'm one of your neighbors to the south, as I live in Iowa. Been in your lovely state a few times....God was having a good day when he made Wisconsin. Lovely country. Looking forward to reading your posts and getting to know you better. Waving Hello Smilie
I'm one of your neighbors to the south, as I live in Iowa. Been in your lovely state a few times....God was having a good day when he made Wisconsin.

Yeah, I'm from Michigan originally, and it was nice to move back to the open spaces and green of the Midwest when I moved to Madison from New York City. Talk about culture shock! In a good way. I grew up on a farm, so it was calming to move back to a place where farms are just a 15 min drive away. I haven't been to Iowa yet, but I bet the people are just as nice as the rest of the Midwest. I think it's the influence of all the trees, personally. Big Smile Smilie
Welcome, but I didn't know the site had a new owner (Even though that would explain why Taz hasn't made any posts, to my knowledge, for about three months) Welcome to the site anyway. I'm from Georgia, which is probably the opposite of the midwest. I"m the "village idiot" of the site, and sadly I'm very proud of that title. IT'S ALL I HAVE!
It's good to be able to welcome you to the forum after speaking to you in chat/email, Gypsyjolie. I'm sure we'll be making you very busy over the coming months.
Welcome aboard Gypsyjolie/Holly. Happy Elf Smilie Normally I'd just say "Share and enjoy!", but in your case I'll add to that a "Work hardly!". Anyway welcome to our happy family.
welcome to Planet Tolkien holly!! enjoy the site!!!! Birthday Smile Smilie
Welcome aboard Gypsyjolie! It's an honor to have you here working with us, and doing so many good things for PT! Many thanks!!!
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Well met Holly!

Good to see such an enthusiastic site manager!

I'm active in the Lord of The Rings fandom on LiveJournal

Where exactly if I may ask?
Welcome, Gypsy! I love Edinburgh -- one of my favorite cities actually. I met my first love there when I was 16....aaaawwwww. (I'm 29 now though.)

Wisconsin is beautiful -- many, many lakes and lots of waterskiing. I went there once for a friend's wedding, and she had me waterskiing almost the second I was off the plane Smile Smilie.

Looking forward to seeing you around the site!
I haven't been to Wisconsin OR Edinburgh - at least not that I can remember. We must've been to Edinburgh sometime. But I was probably only one or two.