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Hi everyone, as i told you before, i used to be Earendil here.. could not log in as such this time, so i had to join as a new member. Today, i received in my mail the information to log in once again as Earendil. I appollogize if this upsets or confuses anyone, but i just love Earendil, you know? well, that is it for now.
Great to have you back with your original name Ear.
Welcome back Earendil! Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome back Earendil, the great mariner! Wink Smilie
Welcome back again, Earendil. Smile Smilie
It appears that our gypsyjolie has been hard at work and sent you a nice new password. Big Smile Smilie
Welcome back Erendil who used to be Beren_erchamion who used to be Erendil (?).... please stop now, my head is spinning.