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I have finally a working internet and the first I did was to join. I have read the works of Tolkien from the age of 9 (begining with "a hobbits tale" of course) ever since then I am totally sold. I have re-read the books every year begining with New Years Day. So Im a quite a fan.
What can a say? Happy to be here... at last Smile Smilie

Lots of Love Eithin
Well met Eithin! As a matter of fact I happen to have the hobbit just n front of me. Starting to read him as of the age of 9... awesome!

Enjoy your stay and make yourself at home Wink Smilie A tip: read the FAQ, it gives you a wonderful insight on this site. It surely helped me when I started out here.
I am very happy that you made it here at last, too, Eithin. Welcome to the PT family. I hope you enjoy your visits to the site and look forward to reading your posts.
Hi and welcome Eithin! I hope to see you in some of the discussion threads soon or please feel free to start some new ones.

Hi Eithin! I suck at welcoming people so I'll just stay with "Welcome and have fun!" Waving Santa Smilie
(I know Christmas is over... So? Tongue Smilie )
Greetings and welcome Eithin! I'm glad you are enjoying the good professor's work. I almost have my 14 year old son talked in to reading The Hobbit. I think he will start it this week for his next school reading project. I love that book and hope it becomes a movie sometime. We have a DVD of the old Rankin-Bass animated movie, but its not the same. Anyhoo...welcome again to PT. Browse through the Message Board threads (left hand side of your screen) and read some of the discussion that have happened before, or are already in progress. You will learn quite a bit about Tolkien's work through these discussion, as well as a little bit about the psyche of fellow PT members. Not for bedtime reading! Wink Smilie

Welcome again Eithin!
welcome to Pt Eithin!! hope to see you around!!! enjoy this big family!!!
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Eithin. I look forward to seeing you around.
This welcome warms my heart!
(I can already now excuse some spelling-errors in all of my mails cause English is not my language... swede you know *hehe*)
Thank you everyone! This shows what a quality site this is Smile Smilie


ps. I noticed the spellchecker... Great!
Welcome to PT Eithin! Nice to have another recruit with us! Hope to see you around, and I look forward to reading your work! Toodles!
Hello, and welcome to PT Eithin, glad you found your way here! Waving Hello Smilie
Welcome to our big PT fam Eithin! it's nice to have ya aboard.
cya 'round! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome welcome Eithin. Waving Hello Smilie
Hi Eithin, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy.
Hi Rana lilly. Glad you are here. But then you don't have to overemphasise on your "newness". Thank you!
welcome to PT Rana lilly!!! enjoy this big family!!!! see you around Birthday Smile Smilie
Hiya!!!! Big Laugh Smilie Wink Smilie
Waving Hello Smilie

Hello to all new (and old alike). Have only been here a couple of weeks and I love adding threads.

Everyone is so friendly and the subjects so diverse - enjoy.

Love Maydmarion Wiggle Smilie
he he he he he he he! Jumping Flame Smilie Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
i just LUV all these smileys! Ha Ha Ha Smilie Cool Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Dead Smilie Cow Sleeping Smilie
Moderator Smilie Don't post things just to put smilies down. The moderators hate that kind of stuff. Be careful what you post, and keep on topic!!! (whacks Hooded rider on the head) And play nice!!!! Moderator Smilie
Well met Rana lilly and Hooded Rider.

I haven't seen a introduction message of Hooded rider, so here you go!

Enjoy the stay, hope to hear from you often!
Yay Hoodie, you finally joined! But ya, you've got to strick to the topics and be wary of excessive smilies!
Hey! The moderators are merely trying to save the site from getting junked-up; there's a reason that this is the best Tolkien site, and that reason is: quality, not quantity. If you set a high standard for something, then the results can only be good! Dunce Smilie Anyone who might not see the moderators as fair in their judgements must remember that it is not a personal thing, just a higher standard.

Welcome, hooded rider and Eithin. Don't worry about what not to do, just have a good time and enjoy what diversity this site has to offer. If you're up for discussions, they are abundant. If it is word games you like, PT boasts some of the best in the Ivy Bush Inn in the message board. See you around! Big Smile Smilie