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Hello everyone, first of all I'm not going to T4Ll< _1K3 -|-H!$ because it's hard to do and it's silly. Actually I'm not entirely new to this forum, I had an account awhile ago... but I felt like posting here again with a fresh account and a fresh start!
well i'm glad you don't talk like that because it i don't understand much of what you're trying to say. I can understand abbreviations such as; lol, brb, wtf, ect... But when people go out of their way to type with numbers and such it seems pointless to me.

Anyways welcome
Bleeeeurrrrrrgh! Horrid horrid horrid!

But welcome to PT (again). Enjoy and mingle.

Check this thread out

lol Wink Smilie
Hello Narilm, I suggest you read our List of Website Rules and pay particular attention to Number 7. which states "No abbreviations like "som1, or How r u"?" Please write full sentences. Not everyone is familiar with sms and chatroom lingo."

That said: Welcome to our happy family! I hope you enjoy your stay here. Happy Elf Smilie
Owyeah sorry about the oneline "lol" thing, it won't happen in the future, I promise.

(new and already breaking rules Got The Blues Smilie )
Sounds promising Narilm, welcome on board Wink Smilie
Hi Narilm, welcome to PT! Happy Elf Smilie
Happy to have you back, Narilm. I assume your fresh start is also under an new username. What was your previous name?
Ahhh, they leave the nest, but never forever. Big Smile Smilie
welcome to PT Narilm!!! Wink Smilie