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The languages of Tolkien have Impressed me for ages but I cannot find any sites for them, by the way, I'm new.
Anyways site would be gladly accepted.

Any tips on his languages too.
Welcome to PT, Jenkins. Smile Smilie

There are many threads about Tolkiens languages under Message Board > General Discussion. Particulary on page 2, so go there to take a look and maybe add some thoughts of your own. Here is a link: click here
Welcome to Planet Tolkien Jenkins. If it is Tolkien languages which interest you, I'd recommend you try a site called Ardalambion. It specialises in teaching Elvish etc. Hopefully this link will take you there Ardalambion

Hi and welcome to PT Jenkins. I hope you enjoy yourself here and find what you are looking for.
welcome to Pt Jenkins!!! enjoy the site ...see you around!!!
thankyou all very much
Hi, Jenkins. Also, try the Encyclopedia of Arda(found at In the left column of the screen, scroll down and you will see Languages under one of the catagories. This will give you small bits of info. regarding each of Tolkien's languages. Good luck, and welcome to PT!
Welcome to P-T Jenkins, I hope you enjoy your stay here. Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien!!! You have my deepest greetings!!!

I just thought I should give you my preference of Tolkien's languages, the elvish Sindarin. It is perhaps the most practical besides English.
Hi jenkins!

Have a great time here!
Hello, and welcome to PT Jenkins, hope you find the site helpful! Waving Hello Smilie
I am honoured.

Thank you.