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Thread: mae govannen, mellyn! :)

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Hi, i am a new member, i have registered only couple of minutes ago! I can' t wait to explore the site and contact with the community. And i have a question: Is anybody a half-elf here?
In my heart, yes Big Smile Smilie
I'm sure I'm a fairy Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Hope you enjoy PT as much as I have - only joined a few weeks ago and having a great time.
Wiggle Smilie
Welcome to the site, Esthel. I look forward to seeing you around. And in reply to your question, I think I'm pretty much all human.
Hi Esthel, welcome to P-T. Happy Elf Smilie I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
welcome to PT Esthel enjoy the site!! Wink Smilie
Hi Esthel! Well met!
Esthel, may you enjoy PT and all of its great resources. Welcome!
Hi Esthel, welcome to PT, hope you enjoy yourself here! Happy Elf Smilie