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Hi, my name is Galadriel. I love all things Tolkien and am looking to talk to other like minded people who understand the need to know more. I hope to give my experiences in return.
Welcome to our PT family! Hope you enjoy the site! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Thank you Rue. Just having a look around. Do people mind you jumping in on their conversations?
Hi and welcome, Galadriel. The big question is.... light or dark Queen Galadriel?

As for jumping in - please do. The more the merrier.
There is light and dark in all of us!
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Galadriel. We look forward to seeing you around.
Thank you. Hope to catch a chat some time.
Hi Galadriel, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy!
Welcome Galadriel. I hope you enjoy your visits here. It was nice meeting you briefly in the chatroom tonight.
Hi Galadriel, welcome to PT.
Hello, and welcome to PT Galadriel, hope you enjoy your time spent here! Waving Hello Smilie
welcome to PT Galadriel glad to have you here!!!!
I only spend a little time in here but I just want some one to mail (talk). You said something about "Experiences" and "there is light and dark in all of us." Are you a philosopher or do you like philosophy? or you just like making/ writing sayings. Can mail each other sometime? Please!
Hi Daphnegreengrass, I was asked being galadriel whether I was light or dark. My answer was not a quote but an opinion that there is light and dark in all of us. Also Galadriel was the lady of light but when offered the ring by Frodo, she would become a dark queen. Hope this helps. I will be happy to talk to you any time. Big Smile Smilie
Thank you Feanor, happy to be here.
Welcome, Galadriel and Daphne. WELCOME TO PT!!!
All this light and dark, and experience business is too early after Easter Camp for me!!! Easter Camp was SOO cool. And you had to be serious for three horus a day, but in between!!! Race cars!!! Wooden homemade ones!! And bedtimes - 1 o' clock!! And bands!! And cool stuff!! ANd midnight swims!! DONCHA LOVE IT!!! I still like the serious three hours better, though.