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Hello unfamiliar people! As you already obviously know (Unless you're dense, like Mitch) I am new to pt, and it's really cool. I've been a Tolkien fan since I was 10 (I think I was 10) when I first saw the movie. I couldn't get enough of it and read the books and I've loved them, and the movies, ever since. My favorite movie is ROTK and I'm currently struggling through the silmarillion (And the Fellowship of the Ring).
I've saved some hilarious screen caps on my computer (Priceless expressions on Legolas's and Aragorn's faces (Those are the only ones I have that are funny)). And I'm rather fond of socks, chocolate, shiny things, squirrels, and cheese. Exploding Head Smilie (Note: Get a cool squirrel smiley)
Something else: Which article of clothing do you find the most disgusting to wear? I hate it when I'm soaked all the way to my underwear. *shivers* It's really creepy. Socks are a close second though...they give you blisters...
I seem to have scared everyone off. Sad Smilie Nobody likes me! Very Sad Smilie Oh well....
EDIT TO last post: What is the worst piece of WET clothing to wear?
It isnt anything against you it is just it takes time for people to reply to some things and yours was just one of them. but WELCOME!!!! Pary Smilie
Welcome D’neniel to PT! And like Robbin said, it does take people awhile to respond, but fear not! We are please to meet you and hope you will post often in the threads so we can get to know you better. I would recommend reading through the threads, as it will help you to get to know people better. Plus you are likely to find a subject buried in the vaults of PT that are still interesting, but temporarily forgotten. Add your two cents to the post and breathe new life into them!

Welcome again D’neniel to PT! Jumping Flame Smilie
Welcome to PT! I myself am pretty new here.... but anyway.... WELCOME!
Birthday Smile Smilie Pary Smilie
Hello, and welcome to PT D’neniel, hope you enjoy your time spent here! Waving Hello Smilie
Welcome to our PT family! Hope you enjoy it here!
Thanks guys. Sorry, I was a bit impatient yesterday, but I'm better. I had a really crappy day: I had tons of homework, was late for most of my classes, and I was locked out of my house for hours. And I just found out that I'm about 5 hours behind UK time (I live in the US) so it was really late, when I got on. So just about nobody was on really, and I was on at an inconvient time for me, I'm sorry I bit your guys heads off. And wow, you guys most post a lot, just about every thread I've been to I've seen two or more of you. It's kind of creepy. Big Smile Smilie So anyways, thanks. Disturbed Smilie
(Someone REALLY must come up with a squirrel smilie)
(Someone REALLY must come up with a squirrel smilie)
Hi! Dineniel, I welcomed you in another thread, so I won't repeat it here. About our smilies: they are the ones we have, if you want a custom one you might contact Rhodry to see if he has a squirrel, but it probably won't get added here unless Grep feels like taking pity on you, for he still has major things to do and smilies aren't really that important compared to world domination and the baking of chocolate chip cookies. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hi D’neniel and welcome to PT. I notice you have been busy. Good for you!

P.S. I hate having to put a damp swimming costume back on.
Yes Vee, I have. Very Evil Smilie That's what happens when I am under a lot of stress, I have a lot of homework, and I'm internet deprived (I also tend to spend days on end in front of my computer when I have been deprived for long periods of time). And I'm going to ask my teacher if he will accept the Legolas and Pippin (And soon to be made Gollum) poems as part of my photo poetry project. Big Smile Smilie I really hope so.
Sweetness, thanks Grondy, do you mind if I call you Grondy?
D’neniel, I send to you a big hearty welcome to PT. I hope that you enjoy our visits with us.
Hiya, Dineniel!

Great to have another contributor to out little home-away-from-home! Enjoy and keep up the pace.
welcome to PT D’neniel!! glad to have you here! share and enjoy!! WELCOME!!! Jumping Flame Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
*Cries* Thanks guys, you are awesome! And extra thanks to Vee, who was the only one who answered my question! Yesh, damp swimsuits are bad to put on, but I stand by socks and underwear! Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie I love my wiggle smilies! *hugs wiggle smiles and watches them wiggle*