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Hello all I am knew (as if you probably couldn't tell). I found you site while searching for a good course to teach me Quenya. I have been a tolkien fan for 10 years since i was 6 and am now researching names and meanings of words in Quenya and Sindarin. I was able to create my name (Arf’a F’ar) Because of this research. You see i chose it because of the meaning! any way i hope to have much fun Talking with you all.
OH! What does your name mean? Wiggle Smilie Mine means 'Silent Maiden' and even though I'm new too, I thought I'd post and welcome you. Big Smile Smilie So be happy! And Welcome to Planet Tolkien!
I thought I'd post and talk to someone because no one's talking to me.

Noone's talking to you because this isn't a chatroom but a message board. Here people read and type. Not have an instant conversation of sorts.

Anyways, welcome to our world Arfea and Dineniel. Have fun and keep posting. Peace!
Dont worry about people not posting right now because it slows down around 11:00 GMT and pretty much stops after 3:00. then It wont really pick up till 12:00 GMT where everyone is getting on from school/work like myself and LA86 only he is in India and I am in the US. Itwill pick up around 3:00 GMt and will stay strong for a while, so dont let no one posting keep you away. It will get posted on by the end of the day. but... WELCOME!!!!!! Pary Smilie
Greetings Arf’a to the little family we call PT. Hope you enjoy your stay and that it is a long one. Learning elvish sounds extremely ambitious, so I wish you well. Perhaps when you master the subject you can teach me some, as I am currently impaired in such subjects. Big Smile Smilie
Hope you will post often and introduce yourself a little more to the group. By the way...where are you from? I'm from the States...namely a place called Iowa. One of the neat things about PT is getting to know people from all over this little blue ball we call home. Take care and see you around Arf’a!
Hi Arf’a, welcome to PT! Happy Elf Smilie
Hello Arfea and Dineniel, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie

Welcome Arf’a! I don't speak elvish at all so please tell us what your name means.

My name means "Wonderous, divine goddess with fluffy bunny ears who walks through Planet-Tolkien bringing light with her smile and gracious words, while deciding the best way to cook newbies."

Wiggle Smilie
My name means Of Noble Spirit
Noble (or high or Royal) = Ar (or Ara such as in Aragorn and Arathorn)
Spirit = F’a(such as in F’anorian)
And F’ar is and Elven word play
it stands for
Spirit = F’a(such as in F’anorian)
Sea = E’r(such as in E’rendil)
Ar = Noble, High or Royal (such as in Aragorn and Arathorn)
So the meaning i have chosen for it is Royal Spirit From the Sea.

By the way...where are you from? I'm from the States...namely a place called Iowa.

I from the states to though I am from Oregon.
One thing i love about this site is the uk amazon banner at the ottom left corner i found one of my favorite tolkien books there and i oredered it it's the Adventures of Tom Bombadil and it's on a compilation of books of Tolkiens that are all out of Print here in the states and i can't find them for less then $150 (ok $149.99 but thats basically $150) so i was so happy and surprised to find them.
Hello your highness. So what exactly are you? Some maidservant of Osse?
Hello your highness. So what exactly are you? Some maidservant of Osse?

First of all iam a guy. second of all if you read some of the letters of tolkien alot of Elves took that name as a personal name because they came over the see to get to middle earth and longed to return to the see so they could return to the undying lands. Just think of Legolas and the Song of the Gulls
First of all i am a guy.

Right. My mistake. That would make you ...erm.... a male servant of Osse.

Just think of Legolas and the Song of the Gulls

Thinking. Pretty lame rhyme that.

Shaking Head Smilie Some people just don't appreciate humour.
welcome to Planet-Tolkien Alfea!! enjoy our big family!!! WELCOME!!! Pary Smilie Pumpkin Smilie
Another who can speak the speak - Super Wow Smilie

Welcome Arf’a and enjoy - I'm having a great time here.

Take care Wiggle Smilie
Thanks every one!