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Aiya all, new member hear, my names Tauro Melindonero (or lee, what ever Tongue Smilie ) im 20, and i live in Kent, in the UK.
i suspect that the majority of you have always loved Tolkiens Mythos and then enjoyed the Movies, well for me it was the other way round, i had no interest in tolkien UNTIL i watched the first movie, then i was hoocked and since have read thge trilogy, the silm', the hobbit and many of "the lost road" books.
as you may have guessed by the subject, i can also speak Quenya, well at the moment only on a very basic level, although i no all the stuff needed, i just havent learnt the vocab yet.
anyway that me, i look forward to many a long chat with you all
Aiya Tauro! Welcome to our evergrowing community! May you have all the fun that we have here.

i suspect that the majority of you have always loved Tolkiens Mythos and then enjoyed the Movies, well for me it was the other way round

Sadly, its the other way around and most of the members here are from the "Movie first, books later" group. But anyways, we all get along pretty well.

And also, don't worry about your Quenya being at a basic level. I don't know about others but I myself can't make a head or tail out of Quenya and I can boast of the fact that I hardly know a qord from Quenya (except maybe Namarie) So don't worry. Compared to me, you've a diploma in Quenya.

Rest said, keep having fun. See ya around!
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Tauro, I hope you'll have fun here. Share and enjoy. Happy Elf Smilie
Isn't "vinya qu’n" Portuguese for "Nice legs" ?
Welcome Taurus. It is good to see another UKer here.

I am one of the members who read the books first and I like to know what you think about the differences between books and film (now that you have read the books)?
Welcome to PT Tauro, hope you enjoy your time spent here! Waving Hello Smilie
thank you for a most warm greeting,

Virumor, i dont know, hehe,its Quendian for 'new person' though
welcome to PT Tauro!!! glad to have you here!! share and enjoy Birthday Smile Smilie
WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Pary Smilie
Welcome to the site, Tauro. Have fun.
Wow Super Wow Smilie Tauro - you can speak the speak. Wish I could. I'm another from the UK, from Essex - not an Essex girl though. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Enjoy the site, everyone is really friendly. Welcome

ps keep using the speak (plus what is means) maybe I could learn some.

Bye Bye Wiggle Smilie

Alayambo ar mai omentaina! Istaly’ quet’ i lambi Tolkieno: ist’al eress’ Quenya var ist’al ex’ lambi ve Sindarin, Casarrin, ar Telerin?

(Hurray and well met! You know how to speak the languages of Tolkien: do you know only Quenya or do you know other languages like Sindarin, Khuzdul, and Telerin?) Sorry if I'm a bit of a curious wombat. Welcome to Planet-Tolkien!
FLIP! How on earth did you actually type in Quenya? Whenever I try to speak Elvish it comes out as

Hastwilien filtothen manarie towingen splidarien meltonenenannnoneninen.... in other words GOBBLE-DE-GOOK!
Hii there Tauro ! Smile Smilie Smile Smilie I also saw the first mowie before I read LOTR and other books by Tolkien .I have been captured ever since. A warm welcome to you , I hope you have lots of fun on PT ! Iam impressed that you know some of Tolkiens language so soon Happy Elf Smilie
hi all, thnk you all for such a warm welcome, i only speak Quenya ATM (although i am still learning, i still need to look down at the wordlist occasionally :P) but next on the list is sindarin, i probal;ly leave it as that though, im from Wendimas (maidstone) in kent BTW