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My name is ithil and I'm new in here. I'm a real Tolkien-fan, but I have to confess that I saw the movies before getting interested in the whole thing... By now I have read the Hobbit, LotR, the Silmarillion and Roverandom. I'm totally into that stuff. Found this site today and really like it. So, I hope to find many Tolkien-freaky friends in here!

WELCOME!!!! welcome to PT!!! where are you from?? glad to have you here!!! Pary Smilie
Hi Feanor! Waving Hello Smilie
I'm Austrian, I live in a most tiny village called Stang, what about you?
I've still got difficulties getting along in here, it's quite confusing to me at the moment. Snowman Smilie I hope I'll soon get used to everything. But for now, good night! Fast Asleep Smilie
WELCOME!!!!!!!! Pary SmiliePary SmiliePary SmiliePary SmiliePary Smilie
you will find many fans here and i hope you will stay.
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Ithil. Share and enjoy! Happy Elf Smilie
Hi Ithil and welcome. I hope you enjoy yourself here.

Wiggle Smilie
Hi and welcome!
I've been here a few days, it seems a great place to 'meet' and chat with others - especially the chat room!
HELLO AND WELCOME !!!! Jumping Flame Smilie I hope you will have lots of fum on PT looking forward to see you in different sites Elf Winking Smilie
Hello Ithil, Waving Hello Smilie - hope you're still having a good time Waving Hello Smilie