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Hi. I'm new. Elvish name that I will go by here - Tari Leralonde.
Hey, and welcome to our family here at PT, hope you enjoy!
Hi and welcome to pt!! Waving Hello Smilie enjoy it!
Glad to have you aboard! Enjoy!
I Kimble welcome to PT!!! share and enjoy
Hi, welcome to PT, hope too see you around Jumping Flame Smilie
Welcome to our happy family Kimble78726; I hope you enjoy your stay with us. Happy Elf Smilie
WELCOME !!!! Juggling Smilie I hope you will have a wonderful time on PT !! Hope to learn more about you , Have a lovely day !! Happy Elf Smilie
hmm your name intrigues me, "tari" brings to mind t’ri - Queen, "-londe" the later part of your epesse i would take as haven (as in "alqualonde" - swan-haven) and the former part of of your epesse i just cant make out, thou it looks fammilier!!!
Waving Hello Smilie welcome and have a good time, will see you around Wiggle Smilie