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Hello all,

I have been slaving away for the last 12 months working on my website - An Illustrated Tolkien Bibliography - - Now I think it is time to peep above the parapet and see what else is happening in the online Tolkien community.

I discovered The Hobbit back in 1981 and The Lord of the Rings soon after, and have been hooked ever since. I have been looking around for more writings by JRRT ever since - the more you look and dig around the more you find!
it was about 5 years before i discovered Farmer Giles and another 5 to the 2nd half of History of MD
i wish i had read Tolkien as it came out

almost forgot
WELCOME Smoke Smilie
Waiting for The Return of the King to be published in 1955 must have been a killer - having to wait 12 months to find out if Sam would rescue Frodo. I read The History of Middle-earth series as it was published, which was great - the sense of anticipation as each volume was announced was wonderful.
Hello, Deagol, love. Found any shiny gold rings lately? Very Evil Smilie

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, the best online Tolkien community. See you around! Smile Smilie
I am not a fan of rings anymore, especially gold ones... there was this unfortunate incident with my cousin... I don't like to talk about it though.
I am not a fan of rings anymore

I'm the Lord of the Rings. Welcome and pleased to meet you.
hello Deagol!! welcome to PT!!! Dunce Smilie
Welcome back Deagol. Stay a little longer this time. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie