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Hi I'm new to the site, but certainly not to LOTR. Need help joining chat etc!!
Hello Mewlip, welcome to Planet-Tolkien. May your stay here be enjoyable. Happy Elf Smilie

To answer your question, may I suggest you read the following three threads: FAQ and chatFAQ, Chatroom mini-guide, and List of Website Rules.

You can also find answers using the Help link under Your Account in the menu on the left. The Help Files are setup alphabetically usually by subject. If all else fails ask and someone will surely hold your hand and quide you there.

Share and enjoy.
Waving Hello Smilie hello and welcome, mewlip!!! nice name, I loved that mewlips poem... Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

see you!
Hello and a warm welcome to you !!!! Hope to meet you in different threads Smile Smilie Share and Enjoy Happy Elf Smilie
Hello and welcome to PT