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Hi, I am Beowulf (Harry really) and am studying Anglo Saxon history, culture, language, etc. with a view to doing it at University. I was put on to this great subject by my reading of The Lord of the Rings many years ago which extended my knowledge from merely my Penguin book of Norse sagas to something much greater and all consuming. Currently doing A-levels in English, History, Latin, and German. My English coursework is on landscape in The Lord of the Rings, my research for which brought me here. If anyone could direct me to any good articles on this topic I would be grateful.
Ic grete eow ealle. I greet you all.
Hi Beowulf!! yeah, i like languages but i dont think i personally would be able to help, unless you want Quenya....but welcome to pt, have a great time, find wot you came for! Cat Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie mer her her my wiggles, are better than yours! darn right elfy there better than yrs! Cat Smilie
welcome, Beowulf!
wow, that sounds sooo interesting, I love languages (esp. old german and old enlish, for they were so similar...). I'm really impressed, respect.
you're working on landscapes in lotr??? I'm even more impressed...
you could take a look at Message Board => Places, maybe there are some useful threads for you. I hope so...
but don't forget to visit the other sections, too...
so, I hope you'll enjoy your time at pt, and to see you around!

Ich gr’’e dich. I greet you.
Hello and welcome Waving Hello Smilie - sorry don't speak any languages but well done to you.

Hope you enjoy PT everyone here is helpful. Have fun Wiggle Smilie

Looking forward to your threads..... Big Smile Smilie
Elf Winking Smilie WELCOME TO PT Beowulf !!!! Hope you find what you are looking for !!! Share and Enjoy !!!
Welcome Beowulf. Your perspective sounds interesting - hope you will share some of your views with us.
Welcome tp Planet-Tolkien Beowulf, I hope you enjory your stay here. If you have any questions just ask. Happy Elf Smilie

I have found the late Karen Wynn Fonstad's revised edition of The Atlas of Middle-earth provided much insight. Also Hooray! Hooray! our Art Gallery (the link is in the menu on the left) has been reimplemented and our Maps are now available for viewing once again.
YEEESSSS GALLERY!!!!!! Cat Smilie Cat Smilie Cat Smilie Cat Smilie
Greetings, Beowulf! I'm very interested in the psychological landscape of Middle-Earth. I will let you know what I find. Be sure to look into all of the artifacts scattered through Middle-Earth, and how this adds to the depth and dimension of the writing, making it believable, pulling us through history and time. Very impressive.

Yay! Gallery!
are u a ffan of beowulf i love that book
It really looks like the Grendel took down Beowulf. Another newbie bites the dust.