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Hi everyone,

I stumbled across this website yesterday and decided to join today. I suppose I could be considered an "original" fan as I read the books of LotR before the films, but only just before, and partly because the films were being made, so perhaps it doesn't count.
My real name, by the way, is David.
Lindir was a Rivendellian Elf, "possibly a minstrel. His name means 'One-who-sings' in Sindarin." (The New Tolkien Companion, J.E.A. Tyler, 1979) I don't know where in Tolkien's works the name comes from, but I was searching through that book to find an appropriate name; and I liked the name Lindir.
Hi Lindir/David. Waving Santa Smilie Welcome to Planet Tolkien. I hope your stay here is enjoyable. If you have any problems navigating the site just call for assistance (or use the Help/FAQ file)

Have fun
Thank you Valedhelgwath.
Mae govannen!
Welcome Lindir!

I take it from your name that you like music? Lovely eh? Another musicgeek. Correction: another music and Tolkien geek. Shocked Elf Smilie We're all going to have so much to talk about!

*wink* Looking forward to seeing you in the discussions and all...

Welcome to PT, Lindir. Please add to the discussions on Tolkien and perhaps you would also like to enter the current competitions - have a look in the Writer's Guild for details.

Wiggle Smilie
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Lindir. Share and enjoy! Happy Elf Smilie