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Hello, I'm new here too so I thought I would say hi.
Don't really know what else to say at the moment, apart from that I obviously am a big fan of Tolkien, and I hope I will be able to have some interesting chats about the books with everyone here.
Hi to you too, whoever you are. That's a pretty neat trick having an invisible name. We'll have to try to sort that one out for you, somehow. Not quite sure how, though. It's not one we've come across before. So what is your username? I'm guessing you did choose one.
Hello you and WELCOME TO PT !!!! tell us a little bit more about yourself... Share and ENJOY !!!
a warm welcome to you! please tell us your name so we know who we are talking to.
hope to see you around!!
Why? He is just one whose name was written in water.
a mod is making fun of a newbies name? shame! gonna call you person because i dont know your hi person
welcome to PT!!!!...please tell us so that we can call you by your proper username

hello and welcome to PT no name, glad you could join our little section of Earth, well we arent even on Earth we are in Planet-Tolkien????!!!! anyway welcome!! Orc Grinning Smilie
Hello again - I think my account has been sorted out now. I have my name back again. Hope to chat to you all about all things Tolkien soon!
Hi Sunshinegirl. Good to see you at last. Please add to the discussions on Tolkien and maybe tell us more about yourself - where are you from, your interests etc.
Nice to see your name finally appear, Sunshinegirl. Welcome again.
Welcome to PT sunshinegirl. We hope you enjoy your stay here and that its a looooong one! Which of Tolkien's works are your favorite? Personally I love, "The Hobbit" alot. Let us know more about you! Big Smile Smilie
Hi Terrijayne, I have just finished rereading The Hobbit again - I had only read it once before, and this time I got quite a bit more out of it than I did before. The Riddles in the Dark bit is one of my favourite from The Hobbit.
I have just started rereading The Lord of the Rings again now, I have read it every year for about 5 or 6 years now, and I always really enjoy myself when I read it. Quite a few people think I am a bit mad for rereading the same books quite often. I reckon it muct be a family thing because my brother does the exact same thing!
Welcome to our happy family Sunshinegirl. Happy Elf Smilie
Quite a few people think I am a bit mad for rereading the same books quite often.
That's what they say about all of us nutty Tolkienites. Elf Winking Smilie